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Photoshop Skinny-Mini eCourse Registration is now Open.

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About this eCourse....

It's free. A GIFT from me to you!  

This is a 10 part mini Course in Elements 9. It is self-paced. Feel free to come and go as your schedule allows! You can even come to class in your pj's! :)

If you have another version of Photoshop, and want some basic knowledge... I would go ahead and give this a try. I mean, what do you have to lose? It's FREE!

Most of the info is applicable to Photoshop CS and Elements.

And so my friend, if you are interested in learning the skinny-mini of pretty picture editing....You wanna start jazzing up your photos.....  

Why not start here?


If you do not receive the classroom information after you register you may need to use a different email address. Yahoo for example tends to block list messages.