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I am so grateful for all of the kind and encouraging testimonials.... So blessed.... 

Here are just a few of the many beautiful words I received after the Lightroom Begin class.


As a beginner who is very familiar with Adobe products (PS & AI) - I was quite intimidated by Lightroom at first. 
You do a fantastic job of presenting the material in a logical order, explaining the most pertinent items, and repeating the things that really need emphasis.  I am looking forward to the 31-days class.
I am in Be Still Fifty-two, also.  I see the Lightroom interface in my sleep!! LOL
Thanks for ALLLLL you do and share. It is appreciated.
To my hero of the Summer 2014 -
Your friend in Delaware

-Lois D

Thank you Kim so much for offering this tutorial.  I've just recently gotten Lightroom (after seeing your work :-)) and I'm really looking forward to applying all that I have learned in the tutorial.  You have such an easy-going and detailed style of teaching that really is very effective and I was able to get it!  Thank you sososososososo much.



I’ve had Lightroom for several years but never got further than dumping all of my photos into a single catalogue that was a nightmare to navigate.  Until Kim easily and completely explained her preferred method of organization did LR make ANY sense to me.  I could never find anything I wanted/needed but after watching just the first two days of her course I was able to finally get a handle on organization.  Now I am proud to say that I can find ANYTHING I need and have deleted all unnecessary folders from the LR catalogue without fear!  Kim is the BEST at explaining things in a no nonsense, easy to follow and understand fashion.  She is my go-to teacher for all things photographic!!



I can’t say enough wonderful things about Kim Klassen’s LR Begin class. She is a natural teacher and approaches her subject with passion and patience! Kim offers a wealth of information about LR. I’ve been working in LR for a year and loving it, but I took her LR Begin class and signed up for the repeat of the class, as well. She has put hours of her time into preparing the LR Begin class…and those of us who signed up for her first class were the lucky recipients of her energies. I wouldn’t hesitate to take another class from Kim. We’ve never met, but I consider her a friend and her bi-weekly LR Begin emails were eagerly anticipated in my in-box! Take her course…you won’t regret it! 



I have mentioned this to you before, but your lessons and videos are the best on the internet.  Not only are they easy to follow, but also detailed enough to make sense to me. I am so grateful to have found your classes and web site.  As you know, I have taken every class you have offered, and always think they are of great value.

In addition, you have a way of making me feel that I have known you forever and that you are a friend.

- Lloyd


Once again Kim has made a difficult subject not only easy to understand but interesting and fun to learn. I’ve taken her Round Trip LR class, which is also excellent, and the LR Begin class is a great way to follow-up and get deeper into the LR catalog and library module. She explains everything in a way that makes sense to me unlike other tutorials I’ve found online. On top of all that, her generous spirit shines through everything she does. I’ve learned so much it’s hard to put it all into words but I’m filled with gratitude and amazement. 

- Poppy


LR Begin is the second class I have taken from Kim. The first was "Start to Finish" in Spring of this year. 
In LR Begin, Kim motivated me to finally explore LR's Catalogue and Library Module and understand how they work. I'd always considered the Library to be the mundane yet mysterious part of LR. Not any more. I'm not a power user but I feel much more confident and in control when importing, labeling, culling and keeping, organizing, and perhaps most important, backing up my images.
Kim is knowledgeable, inspirational, talented, generous, patient, encouraging and practical.

Kim has a weekly feature on her blog called "Friday Find." I call Kim my "2014 Find



LR-Begin is an awesome class packed full of clear, easy to follow instructions, directions to maneuver throughout the program.  The lessons are well organized and flow logically so the user can easily go from one place to the next in LR.  The videos are not too lengthy and are very pleasant to listen to.  It was a pleasure participating and learning from this class.  It’s truly a “goldmine”.  Thank you so very much Kim!!  You are so talented and gifted with teaching in a calm, friendly manner.  Definitely a “must” for all learning to use LR.

- Beverly

The Lightroom Begin course has been so helpful in unravelling the mysteries of this great programme.  Without Kim's clear and concise lessons I would never have been able to use it!  Her approach is easy to follow - I can recommend this course to anyone struggling with LR or considering using it.

- Julia


Thanks so much for your LightRoom Begin class. I have been "using" LR since version 1 (I’m now using v 5.5) After attending your class, realized I never even scratched the surface!

Your teaching style is wonderful and the information you have provided is invaluable. I’ve already put what I’ve learned into practice, and am amazed how my workflow has changed.

Again, I thank you

- Fran


I learned so much from Kim's Lightroom course!  I had wanted to use LR for a long time but was intimidated by how it worked.  Once Kim helped me understand the in's and out's I am much more comfortable!  As always such a great teacher :) Thanks so much!

- Deirdre


I have used Lightroom for some time. I thought I was very conversant with the program, but your tutorials made me realise that I didn’t know as much as I thought. I thoroughly enjoyed the Lightroom-Begin tutorials and learned many things that I didn't know.

Thank you.



I have to admit the whole behind the scenes side of LR is daunting for me, but you are able to explain and more importantly 'show' (I'm a visual learner), how it works.  Your help with the nitty grittys is invaluable. 



Loved the LR Begin class. It was clear and concise and enjoyed the freedom to check in at my own time. I have been using LR for a little while already but never really got the hang of organising the files.

So, thank you a million Kim! Very grateful indeed.


always get so much out of Kim's classes especially Lightroom, it seems no matter how much I think I know I always pick up several new ways to do things differently and a new tip to make my life easier in LR.  She is an awesome teacher.

- Barbara


I found the Lightroom-Begin class to be amazing.  So much good information and your video presentations were so well done it was easy to understand the lessons.  I have been a lightroom user for a couple years, and have my photos fairly well organized in the system.  There was still so much for me to learn from your lessons.  I am so glad I took the class.



Kim is a gifted teacher who makes complicated concepts clear, helping students overcome fear of tackling software that ultimately will help them share their own gifts more confidently. I highly recommend her classes; they deliver value. I am grateful for Kim's generosity in offering the helpful LR Begin class for free. Thank you, lovely Kim!



The course was excellent. Even though I am an advanced post processor and have used Lightroom for some things, I more or less had just jumped in and learned as I went. This course explained some organizational tips that have really helped me streamline my Lightroom photos folder. So glad I signed up! Great job!



Thanks for offering the Light Room Begin class. It was full of useful information. Although I have been using Light Room for several months, there were many things I still did not understand about it. Your tips for using the many buttons, menus, and shortcuts were most helpful. This understanding will definitely help me as I continue with the Be Still 52 course. Thanks so much for all your help.



Dear Kim..I am absolutely loving Lightroom begin.  I have struggled many times trying to set up Lightroom but always gave up after a short time.  With you new class Begin I am rolling along at my own pace and feeling confident that I am well on my way to loving this program.  Thanks so much.  Your teaching style is wonderful.



I signed up for Kim’s LR Begin class as I do have LR since LR 4 and upgraded to LR 5 but I never really used it as I was used to working with PS.  I’m also in other classes from Kim and she is using LR so I thought I should try it out myself. This class was just perfect for me. I have to say that English isn’t my mother tongue but how Kim is teaching it is easy enough also for foreign people like me. I was not able to go through the entire course but I started and learned so much. I study a part and then go to LR and implement the lessons. So I already understand much more (and have done less then half of the course). I see the plus points of LR and I’m looking forward to working with it, as it really is fun. 
I want to thank Kim for this helpful course which teaches in easy little steps all the basics. Without you I gess I never would have touched LR, but now I will use it much often and will combine it with PS!
- Sky


Run, don't walk, to sign up for Kim's "LightRoom Begin" course…

I had previously gone through numerous tutorials on using Lightroom before stumbling upon Kim's class, and up until then, I had trouble wrapping my head around using it well. This class is concise and thorough about getting you up to speed in utilizing it correctly, no matter what version you use. Her gentle approach to teaching this is fun and easy to follow. Now for me to go back and fix all the things I've messed up before I found this insanely generous offer for her free course.

- Lynda


Before taking Kim's Lightroom Begin class, I knew very little about Lightroom and I was pretty intimidated about learning. Kim's soft spoken manner and easy going teaching style made learning the ins and outs of Lightroom easy and enjoyable. This class has taken my photography to a whole new level. And I've finally figured out the catalogue! Thanks Kim!



As always Kim delivers in her unique style everything you need to start in Lightroom. Her videos are clear and easy to understand. This is the 6th class I have taken and I can highly recommend any of her classes. She has become an invaluable help and always responds to email and is so generous with her time, free presets and textures. Thanks Kim -  when is the next class ?



This class has saved the day for me with in conjunction with the Be Still Fifty-two class. I've had LR for a while but didn't know what to do with it. When I realized I was in over my head, you graciously offered this FREE Lightroom Begins class. Ahh. Thank you.

I love being able to go back and re-watch the tutorials as I begin to actually work through importing, cataloging, etc.  And the fact that your tutorial images are pertinent to what we are doing in the Be Still class is really beneficial. 

I can't thank you enough:) Really. For the Summer of 2014 - you're my hero!



Thanks Kim for another incredible class. I learned so much from LR Begin and am now in the process of reviewing the videos and doing all my setups and trying out everything I learned. Your encouragement to "hang in there" kept me going. I also appreciated that it was 2x a week and all that you covered in a short time. I would encourage others to take the plunge because LR has so much to offer in one simple package once you know how to navigate it.



I have just ended the Lightroom begin class.  Although I have been a Lightroom user for years, I learned so much more.  It was great to be updated, as I had accepted that what I knew was all there was to know.  Little did I know that there was more that I could do to get better.  I love it when my email box says there is a new class from Kim.  

- Sally


Kim your LR Begin classes have been a godsend.  I just could not get the hang of LR. Your video tutorials were short but to the point. LR doesn't intimidate me anymore. There is still so much to learn but at least now I can start off on the right foot and catalogue my photos for easy access. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.  



Your LR Begin free class was a huge success with me. I had toyed around a little with LightRoom before, but never really used it much. Fortunately, I had already organized my photographs into a date sequence for most of my photos. So it was quite easy to follow your suggestions of organizing my photos. Not only have I organized my photos into LightRoom, but I have created separate LightRoom catalogs for my textures, mostly kk_textures from you. I also have a separate catalog for my Dover images. So, you can see that I am using LightRoom as an image cataloger, not only for photos. 
Thank you very much for this valuable class.

- Earl
Kim, your Lightroom Begin class is packed full of information. Your style of teaching is so sincere because you want to share your knowledge and experience so readily. I cannot thank you enough for ALL of your texture tutorials, Photoshop Elements classes and now your Lightroom class. I am still making my way through the videos but I feel so much better already about getting into Lightroom and perhaps full Photoshop at this point. Thank you SO much!




Just wanted to say that I loved the LightRoom Begin class and I'm not a "Lightroom beginner", however in every video I picked up on something either I didn't know or had forgotten.  I feel so much more in control of the details thanks to your class.  It was awesome of you to provide that opportunity to all of us.

- Rae 


Kim, I at amazed at the amount of time you devoted to the LightRoom Begin course! Your dedication to helping others learn is simply outstanding.  Considering all the personal complications of your life, I applaud you for continuing your blog. I hope John is recovering satisfactorily and doing well.  God bless you and your family. 

- Peach


I found Lightroom Begin to be absolutely jam packed with useful information and detail!
After a year of frustration trying to find photos on my computer, I am now 90% of the way into a beautifully organized catalogue and developing good workflow habits! Thank you, Kim, for yet another fabulous course!

- Janet


Thank you, Kim for giving me the incentive to start using LR. Your tutorial was exceptionally clear and I have now been able to set LR up with all my latest photos. I will work backwards in time to import the rest of my photos as time permits. Setting up and understanding LR has been a big hurdle for me and you managed to show me how to do it with such wonderful tutorials. Thank you again, Kim I am certain that there are many of your fans who are now not intimidated by LR after working through your tutorials. Of course there is lots still to learn and I would love to see more tutorials giving the ins and outs of the develop mode.



Thank you for this treasure of a class. You have - as usual - unpacked a technologically complex, intimidating program so that it is approachable and enjoyable to learn. I've been using Lightroom for a few years now (on your recommendation!) and I still had only scratched the surface of what it has to offer. Now I am actually reorganizing my library, using keywords and collections and so much more.



The learning and creative environment Kim provides with all her classes are why so many of us are returning students. 

The LR class was very informative and practical. There is so much to learn and Kim provided the basis for us to use LR to our best advantage.
I feel I am just beginning to understand LR. I hope you do another LR class. Maybe a webinar?
Thank you Kim. You bring out the "creative" in me.