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An Inspiring Shop Tour Revealed

Hey there, my friends.  How are you?
How was your weekend? 
Mine was okay.  But you know how it goes...some weekends are better than others. 
I'm not sure if it was the weather?  the overload of work?  or perhaps the sinus issue finding it's way back to me. 

Or maybe it was the fact that I dropped my blackberry and stepped on it while on the trail yesterday?  ugh.
I felt a slight sense of panic, thinking about being without it.  I know, that's completely ridiculous.  But, hey I'm just being honest... Anyhow, John is once again, my hero.  He fixed Brett's old Blackberry up using a part from my destroyed one, and I am up and running again. :)  'happy sigh'... 
Okay enough of that.  Let's talk 'shop'...  Shop as in the beautiful shop I visited a week ago.  It's called Lady of the Lake.  It 's full of amazing inspiration.  I wanted to share a few pics with you and then a couple of announcements. 
And by the way, I was a little nervous about asking them if I could take  pics of the shop.  But I did it, and they didn't even hesitate.  :)  They said, 'absolutely, anything you like...'  So i say, GO FOR IT..  if you wanna do the same at a shop you love.
The bicycle above is outside the shop....along with this old piano...  I'd love an old piano on my front porch... that'd be pretty cool, don't ya think?
Check out the title of the book in this pic.  How perfect!!
And these dishes seemed to be a one only set.  I'm not sure if they are a vintage collection?  I meant to ask.  But I think they are so very pretty!
And another shot of the precious dresses I shared during recipe week. 'sigh' Love these dresses.


  And I had to share this image with you.  Check out the framed print 'nothing is impossible with a willing heart'. It's my design.  It's really cool when you see your licensed art in a shop. You kind of want to tell people, 'hey that's my art'.... You know like a random shopper... haha... I didn't though.  But I had to tell you all. :)  I have the original hanging in our bedroom.  I love the quote. 

I think this chair is loveliness.  So inviting!
And I love this vintage typewriter... LOVE!!

And this little corner would fit in pretty darn perfect in our old country home.  Love the warm, autumn feeling.

thanks so much for allowing me to share a little tour of Lady of the Lake. 
And I promised some good news.  I actually have a few exciting things to share.
I've been cooking up recipes.  Photoshop recipes that is.  I even used several on today's images.  And I'm creating an exciting Photoshop eCookbook.  I'm hoping to have it available very soon.  It's going to be in digital format with lots of extra goodies.  I guarantee it'll have your photoshop juices going all kinds of crazy!!  So stay tune... 
Oh I have a new site in the works as well.  It's going to be so much easier to get around, find stuff, access info.  And PRETTIER too.  I can't wait!!
And finally it's time to share the winners of the inspiration-Staycation eBook.  Thanks to all of you who commented and took part.  I so appreciate it!
The 3 winners are:
Deb (clicks of my shutter)
Privet & Holly
Joyelle Brandt.
Please send me an email so I can get your eBook delivered.
Congrats Ladies!

Reader Comments (3)

I LOVE all of these fabulous images.
WHAT a place!
And....I LOVE that I am one of the
winners! Can't wait to receive this
awesome book. Thank you so much
Kim, for this and for your continual
xx Suzanne

September 1, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterPrivet and Holly

Lovely shop photos. I enjoyed the tour! Also, congratulations to the winners!

September 1, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJIll
I signed up for the textures class and then found out that I no longer have PSE3. I think I gave it away because I
wasn't using it.
... What's the cheapest place to get PSE9?
...Or can I use PSE4? There is a place I can go where I think they have PSE4.
July 10, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterLori

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