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5 Fact Friday - A Coyote, Daisies, Beautiful Bottle & Big Changes

Hello friends,

How's that for a unique headline? :) 

How are you?... seriously how on earth is it Friday again? OH my.....times is just zip, zipping by these days...


Anyhow, it's time for another 5 Fact Friday.....  I'm linking up over at Reflection of You. Please feel free to join us... We'd love to have you!

Fact #1. Ben & I came too close to a coyote on the trail this week. We were zipping along... mid-morning bike ride... Ben started zig zagging all over a fielded area....and there it was.... a coyote... It stopped and just kind of stood there...I think Ben had lost sight of it (they sure blend into the environment)... Anyhow, next thing I knew he was running toward it... I started screaming at the top of my lungs... I mean like really SCREAMING..... The coyote stood at the edge of the bush and then disappeared... Ben kept running toward to the edge of the bush then stopped and came back. My heart stopped... sigh.....So scary.

Fact #2. I'm obsessed with gerbera daisies (can you tell?).... I've discovered the smaller ones seem to last longer.... I also love the smaller flower.... Anyhow, my theory is the large ones being heavier make the stems fall? But really, what do I know? :) I bought some at a floral shop once and they wired the stems...and taped them with floral tape....worked great... Anyhow, these smaller ones are holding up quite nicely. :) Yay! Such a happy flower.

Fact #3. I LOVE Sue Bryce! She's on Creative Live this week.... So genius!! I'm going to make one of the backdrops she makes out of poly-styrene...for the white room.... stay tuned.... I'm excited to give it a go.

Fact #4. Brett and Bryce are moving out!! All in the next 2 weeks. Isn't that crazy? Yeesh, they could have staggered it a little....... I can't believe it...It's sure going to be quiet around here...and clean too. :) Honestly I don't think the reality of it all has hit me. Bryce has a job he's really enjoying...and he will have his very own apartment...he's so excited...We're so happy for him! And Brett is moving in with a friend (in a nice antique house) and he's off to University next week.... So much is changing.....


John is going to paint Bryce's room....White of course....  We are going to put a single bed in there instead (for weekend visits/laundry catch up).... This will make more room for maybe a prop chair, table etc.... And Mama will have a north room to use for photo shoots.... woo hoo.... It may be short-lived...cause as Mama's know... they often come back again and again... But what the heck. :) White paint is always a good thing! :)

Fact #5. The beautiful bottle in today's photos.... was a gift from a lovely Behind the Scenes student.... She was soooo very sweet to send me a gift card for Lady of the Lake (my fav shop)... and this is what I picked out.... Isn't it just so lovey? Thank you...sweet sweet you.... I will cherish it...always... xo

Okay friends it's time to sign off...... Until next time...  lots of love... tons of gratitude..... 

always... xo,

p.s. Make it Sparkle starts on Monday....  it's going to be fun stuff..... Looking for blogging inspiration? Check it out. We'd love to have you.

Reader Comments (16)

Djee Kim, this is so crazy.
You know what? My son is moving out next week too :)

He's been living with us for 28 years, and at that age, well, they are just getting "too old" (sounds funny) to still live with mom and dad. He found a small apartment close by, that has all he needs.
We have been talking about this for a long time and sincerely think that he will be much happier on his own. And although he will always be welcome here and we will always support him, it's time he leaves the nest.

But... in my heart he's still the little baby boy. As you say, things will get very quiet (no slamming kitchen doors anymore...) and clean too. Our electricity and water bills will surely go down (he showers for about 20 minutes at least - just stands there half asleep).
But still... The day before yesterday I was cleaning up the kitchen. You know: fingers everywhere... men & kitchens are not the perfect match... and I spontaneously started crying. My husband hurried into the kitchen with a big "WHY? What's wrong?"
Sobbing I said: "I'm going to miss my little boy..."

Isn't that silly? I mean, he's 28!!??
And although I believe what my husband (and later this week my father in law) said: "you are probably going to see him more than you do now, and the relationship will probably get more serene, tranquil and relaxed..."
it's my little baby leaving home on his own...
Very strange, mixed feeling... And the thought that this mama will also have her own little "white room", doesn't change that...

Take care! I'll think about you when moving his stuff and screening Ikea for a coach, a kitchen table and all that other stuff....
Have a nice weekend!

PS - So glad Ben and you didn't get hurt by the coyote... that encounter could have turned out totally different!
August 31, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMarl1's Images
Hi Kim! Happy Friday! You certainly are having some huge changes in your life. How lovely that someone gave you a gift certificate - brilliant idea! and the bottle is beautiful! I really like your collage too (Lightroom I'm guessing?)
August 31, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBarb
Kim, it seems we are in sync. My son's moved out within a month of each other: John has his on apartment four minutes away from his teaching job at a local middle school; Aaron moved into his dorm room at college (four minutes away from his BROTHER!) My husband and I are getting reacquainted with each other as a couple rather than as parents. I am excited for each of the boys, but I do miss them. It's interesting, though, that they both make contact with me sometime each day, either through Face Book messages or by phone or text. Yeah, it's the right season for these changes in our lives.
August 31, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterOlivia
Two moving out in one week? I'm sending you lots of {{{{{Mom Hugs}}}}}, Kim! It's always an adjustment, but yes, you will have a cleaner :) Yikes, that is terrifying about the coyote - I'm glad both you and Ben are OK! Thank you for mentioning Sue Bryce - I will go check her out! Have a wonderful weekend!
August 31, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSherri B.
Yikes only boys !!! No sense of timing, both my children have left home but believe me they come regularly as they still live in the same town . They either come back to be fed because they have run out of money or sometimes they just want a bit of TLC . So Kim deep breaths you've done a great job with your boys . I love this quote.

“Parents aren't the people you come from. They're the people you want to be, when you grow up.”
― Jodi Picoult, Handle With Care
Glad that you and Ben are OK he was trying to protect his Mama.....
August 31, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterViv Halliwell
Because this is the first time, you perhaps will grieve for a bit. But one thing that happened to me, is that my husband and I had a whole new relationship of our own. It was very nice.
August 31, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRadish
Because this is the first time, you perhaps will grieve for a bit. But one thing that happened to me, is that my husband and I had a whole new relationship of our own. It was very nice.
August 31, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRadish
I can just picture you screaming at the coyote :) Thank goodness Make It Sparkle starts on Monday. I am so in need of some new inspiration. Enjoy the room while you have it.
August 31, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSarah
Kim, you're so adorable, I just want to squeeze you! I can't even imagine how freaked out I'd be if my little cat went chasing after some dangerous beast! I love that little animal... even if she doesn't like to snuggle! Thank you for all you fantastic ideas, your warmth & open heart, and generosity. YOU are wonderful! I was a good girl & did a Beyonder assignment last night, and have really been staying on task with Behind the Scenes. You and Xanthe are so great, I love the videos the most! I can't wait for the group skype! I appreciate all you do. xoxoxo
p.s. Yes, the reason the necks fall on the larger gerberas is because of the weight of the flower. The same happens with roses. Sometimes you can take the little wire ties with the green tape on them and wrap them around the base of the stem for a little extra support. I used to work for a plant nursery, and had the rose garden to die for. People used to just stop over to see my roses. Sigh. It was a different lifetime ago. You know how that is, I'm sure. ;)
oh Kim, you always have me at hello....i just adore you. why does there have to be so many miles between us?! i can't believe your boys are moving can't even image but mine are only 7 & 4 so I guess i shouldn't imagine just yet right?!
love love all of it.
August 31, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterstefanierenee
We have coyotes, they eat our melons. I had to wait awhile to convert our sons room after he left because Dad couldn't bare it. Here is a pic of my dream car. I got to drive one as a rental around Dallas for a day. So fun! but they don't have a dealership here so hubby said no.
August 31, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRoxi
Lots of news here, Kim. All of it good! Well, except for the scary first one. Mama's know that they may come home, which is what we're experiencing right now with our youngest. And it really has mostly been good. And I do love having him here. Well, mostly. I think he's a late bloomer ~
September 1, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterKate
i would have bought that bottle too.

i'm reading a book at the moment in which one of the main characters is a woman who is a ranger and she did her doctorate on coyotes. she has discovered some coyote in her area and she's keeping them a secret from everyone because the local farmers will hunt them out and shoot them if they find out.

i've never seen one and i don't know much about them at all. but i've never lived in the usa, so...

hope you have a lovely weekend
September 1, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterleonie wise
Kim, I have that same terrible fear about coyotes here and my yellow lab catching the scent of one, taking off into the woods only to be attacked by a pack. I am surrounded by 2600 acres of woods packed with coyotes! Yikes! RE: the boys moving out Hubby and I are empty nesters now for 7 years and loving it! Your relationship with your boys if not really good now is going to become great! They appreciate you so much more once they are out of the house!
September 1, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLiz
That glass bottle really is full of vintage loveliness :) :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)
September 4, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterHeather :) :) :)

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