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Gratitude 5 Days of Give Aways – Day 4


Happiest Thursday my friends…

I hope your week has been zipping right along. 

I have to share a few pics of Ben today.  I took these on the trail yesterday…and they are just so cute. He’s pretty much obsessed with sticks, and carries one around most of the time…tries really hard to get Sophie to chase him. :)

Check out his bandana…he has lost a bandana on the trail 3 times so far…and a day or 2 later he comes out from the long grass and trees with his lost bandana.  How cute is that?  :) We joke that he is 3 for 3…


Okay before I share one last pic.. just a note that I will be announcing Monday-Thursday’s give away winners tomorrow.  And I will announce Friday’s winners on Monday.  I did note that in Monday’s post, but you may have missed it. :)

One more pic of Ben than I will share the scoop on today’s give away.


Okay, now that I have my Ben love out of my system…

Here’s today’s give away scoop.

Today I am offering up a Recipe Book Give away plus a bonus Gift Certificate


One lucky winner will win The Whole Kit & Caboodle Photoshop Recipe Book Package and one will win the Photoshop Recipe Book Package A. And a third winner will receive a $15.00 gift certificate toward textures, eCourses or eBooks.

You can check out the Photoshop Recipe Book details HERE.

To enter today’s contest there’s a twist…and it will take you a few moments…

Here’s what you need to do.

- pop over to the iStudio and listen (and watch) Jamie’s latest playlist.  I realize you may not have time to listen to the whole list…but at least listen to a few or portions of each song… the first one alone is mind blowing, beautiful! 

- Leave a sweet comment for Jamie

- and finally, head back here and share your favourite from the playlist in the comment section below this post. 

Click HERE to read Jamie’s post. Oh and while you are over there bookmark the site and pop back.  It’s truly bubbling with inspiration!

Okay, I am off!  I have to get the homework for the Skinny-Mini eCourse posted before they tear this little old computer apart… wish me luck…. :)




Gratitude Continues ~ Day 3 ~ 5 Days of Give Aways


Happiest Wednesday, sweet friends.

How are you?  I just hung up the phone from tech support… they are basically replacing the entire system on my pc… hopefully before the whole things crashes.  That MAC can’t come into my life soon enough.  ‘sigh’ But on the up side…I had the nicest tech support guy ever!!  And apparently this baby will purr once they fix it up.  Lesson… don’t ignore issues when you first buy something…I should have sent this back right after…as it was acting a little strange from the get go.

Kay, perhaps too much info…But, if I fall off the internet earth tomorrow or the next will know why.  However, if all goes as planned I should be zipping along in no time at all. 

Enough of that….. OH my goodness, if you have a moment to read the comments on yesterday’s post… you really should!  Such beautiful and truly moving stories of gratitude!  Wow. Thank you all so much!

I have to say, truly beautiful.

I had this really awesome idea for today’s give away comments… something super fun!  And gosh, darn… i forget what that fabulous idea was.  ugh.  It’s gone…poof… gone from my head. :(

So, I’ve been pondering away on a new twist for today’s give away…..But before i share the twist… I must tell you the give away scoop.

This is a 2 parter. 

The response to the Art of Texture Give Away really has been amazing. There are so many people that would like to win.  So I thought it’d be fun to double your odds.

I am giving away another spot in the Art of Texture Class



2 - Baker’s Dozen plus 3 texture packs.

bakers dozen mosiac reduced

Wanna play along?

To enter today’s giveaway, leave a comment below. Here’s the twist…I would like you to share a one word comment

ONE WORD that you would use to describe yourself. 

I know…this will probably make you think…  and maybe even feel a little uncomfortable…But lean into it… :)

Lately, my word may be obsessed… lol… (in a good way though)…

I ask only for kind-to-yourself comments please.  So I will start…and I have to say this is hard for me.  But I think it’s important to recognize our strengths and be proud of them. 

So my word is inspirational.  ‘sigh’

Did I just say that out loud?  yikes… 

Okay it’s your turn… GO… have fun….

Remember I will announce the winners on Friday…  xxo,



Gratitude Day 2 ~ 5 Days of Give Aways

pondautumn copy

Hello and Happiest Tuesday,

Oh my word, I am truly overwhelmed by the response to yesterday’s give away.  I wish you all could win!!  ‘sigh’

So today I have another give away to share!

Before I share the give away details…

Above is a pic from the trail.  One of the ponds that Ben has fallen in love with! He insist on double dipping everyday..and sometimes triple...  Sophie goes in too, but like a lady, she just stands there pretty… Ben on the other hand just has to lay down and get all good and wet…and sometimes a little slimy as well.  :)

Here they are, after a little dip. :) Playing with a stick.. :) Soggy and all…so cute!


Okay, I’m babbling.  Time for the give away details!!

Today I am offering up 3 four-month spots in my new membership site- The Test Kitchen.  If you are not sure what the Test Kitchen is…. it’s actually The Photoshop Test Kitchen.  A membership site where I am sharing Photoshop recipes, tutorials, tips & tricks…along with textures and other good stuff.  I also have friends popping into share their good stuff as well.  I’m super excited about today’s guest…  ‘sigh’

So, here’s how you can play along.

Enter yourself or a friend (simple note about the friend part is fine).  But here’s what I’d like you to share.  Please name the one ‘thing’ you are most grateful for, today.  And by thing, I mean, someone, someones, or something… :) 

I can’t wait to read your comments.

Okey doke.  I must sign off. Ben & I have a morning date with Sophie and her Mama….

oh, p.s. a few people asked about what breed the pups were.  Sophie is a Labradoodle…and very much doodle as in poodle… She has the loveliest coat…barely sheds… She’s a big girl, as you can see by the pic.  She’s my brother’s dog.  Ben is a goldendoodle and vey much golden…as in golden retriever.  He sheds like mad…but we love him anyway…haha… He’s been with us for about 3 weeks. It was love at first site for all of us. Both pups were adopted from different families in the city… and both pups are in LOVE with the country life….  ‘sigh’  Before I sign of, I’m going to put Ben & Sophie at the top of my gratitude list today…..




Gratitude Week – 5 days of Give Aways


Happy Monday. 

How was your weekend? 

I wanted to thank you all for the amazing support you have given me over this past few weeks!!  I know I have been offering up quite a few things…the recipe book, the iMac Pack, the Test Kitchen Membership.  And you all have been extremely supportive.  So this week is dedicated to giving back! No Special Offers or Product Promos this week.  (Although I am still a little short on funds for the iMac…as I now realize I underestimated the cost of the must have ‘dream’ machine.  But that’s okay. I know I will have one soon… and I owe that to all of you!!)

So this week is dedicated to sharing and give aways. 

I will start today off with a FAB GIVE AWAY. 

1 lucky commenter will win a Photoshop-Art of Texture eCourse Scholarship – a $99.00 value. And a second lucky commenter will win a Photoshop The Skinny eCourse Scholarship – a $29.00 value.

Here’s how you can play along.  Add a comment below to enter the give away.  Please note in your comment why you would like to win one of the scholarships.  Or if you would like to enter a friend to win, simply tell me a little about why you would like your friend to win. 

And for a second shot at winning, simply tweet about the 5 days of Give Aways. Here’s a simple line to copy and paste if you would like to tweet about it. 

@kimklassen 5 days of giveaways. 

Once you tweet about this, come on back and let me know in the comments.

So if you comment once and then come back and let me know you tweeted about it in a second comment, you will double your chances to win.

I will be announcing the entire week’s give away winners on Friday.  I will be back tomorrow with another Give Away announcement.

What do Ben & Sophie have to do with the Give Aways?  Nothing really…. other than they are so cute I wanted to share a few pics throughout the week.  :)

Again, I am truly so very thankful for your support.  Have a fantastic week!



Are you on my mailing list?  If not, you can sign up HERE and get in on the textured goodness..

Have you heard about the free Photoshop Skinny-Mini eCourse?  It’s not too late to sign up.  Get the scoop HERE.


Moments Such as This… Make it all worthwhile

Happy Friday!

How was your week?  Mine was pretty fabulous…other than the days slipped by way too quickly! ‘sigh’  It seems like just yesterday I was posting last Friday’s texture. And here we are…a week later.

I suppose it’s true…times flies when you are having fun! Right.

I have a new texture to share today.  And then a few FAB tidbits.

Today’s texture is a BEAUTY! I call this one ‘peeling paint’! I mean, you seriously have to love the beauty of peeling paint.  I used it on the cup image, along with 2 textures from my ‘i need an iMac’ pack.

Here’s today’s Freebie.  List members, the link is on its way. 

If you are not on my list, you can sign up HERE.  Once you sign up, you will receive the link to download today’s freebie, as well as future freebies, directly to your inbox.


Okay, before I bid you adieu…

Amanda from Everyday Elements is hosting a Recipe Book Giveaway on her site. You can enter to win one of 2 Whole Kit & Caboodle Photoshop Recipe Book Packages.  The winner will be announced on Monday.  So there’s still time to enter.  :) Pop on over and check it out. 

Also, did you have a chance to check out my ‘I need an iMac’ texture pack?  Seriously, you gotta check it out!  It’s a steal.. 10 fabulous hand made textures for 10 bucks…  And wow, the results from the textures have been stunning. There’s still time to get in on the savings.  Click HERE for all the details. 

(just an update…i’m pretty close to getting that iMac… THANK YOU ALL for your support and sweet comments and input!)

Before I sign off…

I just have to share an email and an image from one of my readers.  This message makes all the long hours, the love, sweat and tears…completely worthwhile…  (okay, really…no blood…and only the odd tear….)  haha.. 

Thank you Jo, for allowing me to share this with my readers.

First here’s Jo’s beautiful letter.

Kim -

I  just want you to see how your teaching changes people's worlds.  Two or maybe 3 months ago this was a dream to me.  then i found you, bought photoshop and now look.  i'm pretty happy with these, considering all the training i've had is the skinny.  pretty darn good course if you ask me!  thanks so much for all the help you've been to me.  you have truly opened the door to the rest of my life because once i retire this is how i'm spending my time.  i'm so happy i found you.

thanks, kiss ben and have a great day,

jo NELSON  :)

Is that not the most touching letter?  Again, thank you Jo!  Truly …thank you!

And here’s one of the images Jo sent to me…using the new ‘lyrical’ texture from the ‘i need an iMac’ pack. I really, really… really LOVE this image, Jo.

Musical Tree ©Jo Nelson

Musical Tree by jo nelson

And that my friends is that!! Signing off for now….

Happiest weekend….xxo,



The I Need an i-Mac Texture Pack

Happy Wednesday, my friends!!

I’m finally popping in to share my exciting texture offer and a story… I mentioned this was coming, a few times last week!

I hope you saved your texture money… Cause this offer is too good to pass up!

Here’s the story!  I NEED an iMac.  I need a bigger screen.  I sit and stare into my screen for HOURS… I’m starting to get headaches.  It’s a little INSANE.  I’m talking about 16 hours almost everyday of screen time.  I know you are thinking…she’s NUTS.  Who does that?  But, it’s the secret to how I get it all done!!  Not really a secret…Just HUGE hours to making my dreams come true!

I can’t justify spending ‘our’ money on a new iMac right now.  There are many other places for that money to go.  But in order to help me, HELP YOU… i feel I must have an iMAC!  (kay, a little dramatic..right… haha, but I’m a desperate woman)…So, I have created this 10 pack of textures and I am designating all the funds from this set to buying a MAC.

I am offering all 10 textures til Friday afternoon at 3:00 pm central for $10.00!! 

(Note: Friday October 15th - offer extended for 24 hours...  til Saturday afternoon... i need that iMac... :)

After that, the pack will increase to $30.00.  I have spent hours painting, inking, stamping, sanding,  pasting, layering these babies…

Why so cheap?  Well, I figure if I really want you to scoop these up quick so I can order a MAC….then my offer has to be completely irresistible!

Wait there’s more!!

Once you place your order, you will receive a coupon code that is good for 2 days only…  valued at $5.00 toward any texture, class or eBook on my site.

So, how can you resist? 

Did I mention irresistable?  :)

Let’s get down to business and check out the textures.

I’ve divided them into 2 packs – The Art Pack & The Square Pack.  (but they will be sold as one set – the ‘Kim needs an iMac pack’)

I must say they work very well together… Adding one or more of the subtle square textures with one of the art textures can be quite magical.  Here’s a peek at the double pack…then i will share a few sample images.

Kim Klassen Art Pack Octorber 13

Pack 2

Kim Klassen October 13 square pack


Add to Cart 

I used the Autumn Art Texture on this pond image… LOVE the way the background took on the tones of the texture… ‘sigh’…


Next, the Typewriter using ‘grunge with text’ and the ‘inked’ texture


The Teapot using the ‘earthenware’ texture along with October layers.


and last, but not least…the typewriter using the ‘lyrical’ texture and the ‘golden’ texture.


So, are you in?  Click the add to cart button to process your order.  Once your payment is made you will receive your $5.00 coupon code.  Remember it will expire in 48 hours.  So use it up, quick…

Add to Cart

 … …

From the bottom of my heart… thanks bunches for all your amazing support….

If you have any questions, please email me, anytime.  xxo,



10.10.10 Texture & a Tree from Me

peacefultreeoct9 wide

Hello, sweet friends…

I just had to pop in and wish you a happy 10.10.10. I hope you are enjoying your day!

We are off to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family…  Much to be thankful for.  And I have to say , I am truly thankful for all of you!!  ‘sigh’ Thank you for all the support, encouragement & never ending kindness.

So, here’s a little Thanksgiving/10.10.10 gift!  I created a texture, today… that I decided to call  10.10.10.

10.10.10 texture

A simple sweet ink stained texture.  I hope you enjoy it.  I used it in 3 layers on my peaceful tree image above. 

If you have been following my blog for awhile, you may recognized this sweet tree from past posts. We took this pic yesterday while out on the trail with Ben & Sophie.  Oh dear, I just have to share this pic of the 2 of them.  I already posted it at the i-Studio.  But what the heck.  Seriously, how sweet… Ben’s looking a little scraggly…as he had just jumped out of the pond. :) But come on… are they not adorable? :)


I am off to send the texture link out to my list.  If you are not on my Texture Lovin’ List, it’s quick and easy to sign up and start receiving freebies… Just click HERE to check it out.

Happy Day, sweet friends… xxo,