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So Long 2010... So Good to Know You


used today's texture on the image above.

Happy New Year....Sweet Friends

How are you?

Can you believe it...another year...come and gone! Isn't it insane how quickly the time just slips on by?

Okay so I think you know...  2010 was a love affair kind of year for me.  I so loved this past year.

And the reason being.....almost every single day.... I was doing what I love.... living my passion....  and even getting paid to do it!!  How's that for awesome?

So with that said.....  not every year is like that...  some are down right awful.

But, good, bad or's over.... 

It's a new year...  a clean slate.... a fresh start....  what could be better?  

Time to stop hiding behind our insecurities...and start living our DREAMS...  

It's going to be FAB...truly FAB!

And as I say this...think baby friends...  baby steps. :)

What do you say?  Are you ready to embrace your inner artist.....  start feeding your soul....  and believing in EWE?

It's all so very exciting!!  (okay so the ewe thing was kinda corny...but i had this sheep pic that Ben and I took on our drive today......pretend it's a ewe...pretend you don't see the horns... okay?  .....)

Now how bout a little artful inspiration.....?  sound good?

Here's a passage from Julia Cameron's Arist's Way Every Day book ....for December 31st.

"when we say that making art is an act of faith and that as we make art we pursue a spiritual path, we are not talking loosely.  there is a grace in our every artistic encounter.  Miracles do happen.  We do not plan them. We hope for them and then we are open to the creator's mentoring hand in improving our suggestions. What looks difficult or impossible to us does not appear difficult or impossible to the Great Creator. " 

Isn't that ... truly inspired?  

So ... here's to an ART FULL 2011...and all that it holds possible!

Today i created a texture for you.... it includes each of your one little words shared in the comments section below Wednesday's post.


Click HERE to download it.

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Just a couple of little businessy items...and then a little surprise...

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  • Once the spaces are full registration will be closed forever..... So whatchya waiting for? :)
  • I am going to leave the Wednesday's textures at $5.00 thru the weekend.  Lots of people are traveling etc and have asked that I keep them up.  
  • Ben's collection will be forever and always $10.00.  (for those who have asked).


And now for that surprise....

I am giving away one spot in my upcoming Art of Texture - the Secrets Revealed eCourse. Please leave a comment below to enter.... Anything artful and inspired is perfect.  I will announce the winner on Wednesday January 5th.

So for now.... i say... so long....  Happy New Year...

You are awesome....

Love & Gratitude....always..... xxo, kim

p.s. need some one word inspiration?  click HERE to check out Ali Edward's One Little Word Workshop.... 


Make 2011 The Best Year Yet


used vintage pale texture above

Hello Lovelies

How are you?  

It's time to get back on at the Café...  back to focusing on art, inspiration, creativity and making our dreams come true...

I know that's quite the statement!!  But it's totally what I want to share here.  And I'm all about intentions... Stating our intentions is the first step to getting them done!

So.... today I really wanna talk about 2011....and the whole ONE WORD idea!!

Have you picked your word?  

I have....  I'm super excited about this!!  I can't even tell you!!  

So are you ready?  Drumroll Please.....      wait for it...wait for it.....  ready?

My one little word for 2011 is BUILD.

Yeppers...  I want to BUILD my relationships, my business, my life, my knowledge, my ideas, my list, my portfolio....  BUILD... i could go on and on!!

And here's the thing... up until yesterday... I was BLANK... okay not blank... I did have a few words... but honestly they just weren't screaming.... pick me.... I'm the word you need for 2011....  

When I choose my word SOAR in 2010... I knew beyond a doubt...that SOAR was my word...  my perfect word for 2010.  It was crystal clear.... And I feel exactly like that about BUILD!  

And although 2010 was a year of great loss ... (the loss of Andy and the passing of my Aunt) it was truly the most gifted year of my life.... And I believe I owe that to a year of solid intentions...and declaring it... my year to SOAR.

I wanted to share with my word for 2011 came to me.... cause it is pretty darn cool.

I was doing my 'morning pages' per The Artist's Way..... and I decided I would simply start writing ...and see what came.  I reflected on 2010 and wrote about it... the good, the bad, the ugly....  I then considered what I wanted out of 2011...wrote it out...just really scratchy....nothing deep or profound...just let it flow onto the page...  and then I reread it....  and as I pondered my hopes for 2011... my word simply revealed itself....

So, I have put together a little 5 part exercise...based on how I came to my one little word....  perhaps it may help you..... Grab a pen and some paper... or if you must... open up a blank document and just start typing....But do this with intention.

Like 'Dear One Word... please reveal yourself' kind of intention.  

Take your time...  Set aside some quiet time.... uninterrupted....

Trust me...this could be the BEST GIFT you ever give yourself!

  1. What totally rocked in 2010?  What awesome things did you accomplish?  What did you love most about 2010?  What one thing stands out as WOW... that was amazing?  Enjoy the process of celebrating all of it!
  2. What totally sucked in 2010?  Get it out there....  write it down...KNOW you don't wanna go there again....and then simply....LET IT GO!  Poof.... it's said and done... you did it... it happened... it's over...  you may even want to make this a bit of a ritual.... like write it on a separate page ...then rip it up!!  throw it in the trash... Burn it...  okay... use caution .... we don't want any fires....  
  3. What do you want to see happen in 2011?  Get healthy? Get a new job? Start a Business? Learn to paint?  Figure out your camera?  Live a creative life?  Pay off your bills? Travel? Fall in love?  Have a baby?  List whatever comes to mind..... good stuff!! Don't be scared to acknowledge your hopes and dreams.  After all...  that's the first step to making them a reality.  Let yourself go there!  Don't worry about the how... just allow yourself to dream... dream BIG....
  4. Now really look at those goals... really study them....say them out loud.... ponder them... Can you come up with one word or perhaps several that encompass your dreams for 2011? Write the word or words down.  If you have more than one word... say the words out loud... go back to your dreams for the year....and see what works best? Still can't come up with a word...  walk away.... come back later...  Be sure your mind is set on the intention of gifting yourself with the perfect ONE WORD for 2011. 

That's it...that's all....  :)

Okey doke.... here's a few inspiring words to get your mojo going......something to wet your palette.....Get you thinking.

  • Love
  • Gratitude
  • Creativity
  • Art
  • Friendship
  • Momentum
  • Learn
  • Knowledge
  • Patience
  • Grow
  • Adventure
  • Risk
  • Change
  • Conversation
  • Quiet
  • Simplify
  • Shed
  • Restore
  • Rekindle
  • Ignite
  • Family
  • Forgive
  • Fearlessness
  • Health
  • Happiness
  • Discipline
  • Practice
  • Spirituality
  • Believe
  • Faith
  • Trust
  • Know

Okay I could go on and on... I would totally love to hear your One Little Word ideas in the comments. Please share...


Texture Time

I have a sweet set of Tuesday Textures for you... this Wednesday.  :)

I'm really, really loving these handpainted babies....  Good stuff...

corrugated grunge, faved and vintage pale...

Made with love.... Ben at my feet while I layered and painted, and spattered and glued... 'sigh'

Wanna see them in action?  

I rec'd a beautiful gift from my aunt this Christmas.  A shoebox full of beautiful antique postcards....  

What I love the most about them... is the beautiful hand writing... I used today's textures on all of well as on the winter image at the top of the post...  I set the blend mode to soft light on each of the images...  for a soft and subtle effect.


used faved on this image - love the texture edges

love the worn edge the corrugated grunge created

a soft and subtle effect using vintage pale


Order Today's textures for $5.00

Add to Cart


Before I sign off...

again, I invite you to share your one word thoughts and ideas in the comments.  

Let's make 2011... Our Best Year Yet!

Love & Gratitude....xxo, Kim 

p.s. need some one little word inspiration?  click HERE to check out Ali Edward's One Little Word Workshop....


Proof of the Playpen


Hello Lovelies

How are you?

I wanted to pop in and share a pic of Ben in his play pen. Check it out!  :)  This particular model has a 'bassinet' it saves my back a little....  But I would say another day or 2 and we will have to move him down to the lower tier...  I can't leave him unsupervised for a second, for fear he may decide to jump.  The crate was way to difficult to get him in and out of... He's feeling better each day... and I know it's going to be really difficult to keep him contained.  'sigh'

I will be back tomorrow with a new post....  lots to share...  The holidays are officially over.... John is back to work back to routine it shall be!

See you tomorrow.....  love and gratitude.... xxo, Kim




Hello Sweet Friends


Happy Monday

How are you?  I hope this little note finds you well.

I can't believe Christmas is over.  It comes and quickly.  But I'm grateful for another holiday spent with our family..... and of course our sweet little Ben.

I just wanted to pop in and say Hi.  

I will be back with a more lengthy update on Ben and a little of this and that as well.

But in the meantime, I wanted to thank you all for your prayers and support.  

Ben is doing very well.  He's still smiling (wagging his tail) and being so good about everything.

I took this pic of him this morning... the light wasn't great....but he was lying sweetly by my feet in the studio.

He spends most of his time in a play pen....  it's so cute.... but he loves to get down on the cool floor and stretch out as well.   

Anyhow, please know we are all so grateful for your prayers and support....I will be back with a more detailed report of Ben and maybe a little video too.... :)

love & gratitude...xxo, kim


The Benjamin Texture Collection



Hello my sweet friends

I am guessing you may have seen this coming! :)

On this Texture Tuesday, I present to you......

The Benjamin Collection.


I'd like to share a little story with you all.  

There was once a girl named Kim...... She had the sweetest beagle she could have ever asked for.... His name was Andy.  She loved him like her third child....for 13 plus years they were side by side...rarely apart.... But sadly, Andy became very ill and it was time to let him go.  Her heart was broken....and she believed there would never be another baby that could fill that hole in her heart....


Flash forward 3 months later.....  Kim was asked to babysit her brother's Labradoodle....Sophie.....  and her heart opened...opened to the possibility of loving another puppy... The very day Sophie was going home...she received an email.  Her cousin was desperately seeking a home for her Goldendoodle....  And she this a sign?  Is this meant to be?  Oh must be....  and after a little chat with her email was sent back saying...'pick us, please.....'

And after several weeks ....  a sweet new love came into Kim's life....  It was truly an instant connection.  The heart melted and open wide for this fluffy white little angel....  His name is Ben. He had only been with Kim and her family for a few months.....when one day.... Kim opened the door to see if Ben's Auntie and cousin were in the drive to pick them up for the trail.....  in an instant Ben was out the door...and headed straight for a truck coming up the road.... a truck he believed to be his pick up for the trail.  It wasn't Sophie. It was another vehicle going straight on ahead.... who didn't see Ben right in front of her wheel.

In an instant...everything changed......  'sigh'

Life can be like that.....

Gone was that walk on the trail...that romp with Sophie, that digging in the snow.....  it was off to the hospital he went.... bravely I must say....very bravely....

The injuries were far worse than expected...Kim was devastated.  Her heart ached as they sat in the very room that Andy was put to sleep in...and listened to the vet give them the crushing news.... Ben was injured very severely....  Surgery was the only repair for his particular fracture.... But before they could do the surgery....he had to be monitored for nerve and organ damage.... tick tock...tick tock....  a few days later... he was out of the woods...and the surgery was a go.  

The cost of the surgery....was much more than the vet originally predicted...... How on earth could she say so long to her new companion... her bestest friend.... a light in her life.....  How can you put a price on love?  

So the surgery was scheduled.... after some conversation with her hubby....  who struggled a bit with the idea of such a huge sum of money... Kim assured him.... I will figure it out.... So many love Ben....  

And so.... paint, splatter, scrape, glue, paste, stipple, stamp.....  The Benjamin Collection was born.

The End .....or hopefully just The Beginning......  

Okay my sweet friends... my sweet lovers of life and love.....  I have been working on this collection since Sunday....  I have to say my heart and soul went onto the canvases.....  

I hope you will love them...and feel my heart in them...

Ben needs your help.... I need your help.....  We need your help.....

The Benjamin Collection includes seven - 12" x 12 " 300 dpi handpainted textures.  

The price is $10.00.  The funds will help cover the cost of Ben's surgery....which will be approximately $3000. This does not include the follow up care, the trips to the city 3 1/2 hours away etc.....  We are in for a long ride.. my friends...

I can not wait to see what the bigger picture in all this is?  I believe....everything happens for a reason.... 'sigh'

So I'm asking for your help....  

Click below to order today's textures....

Add to Cart

We are off to the city tomorrow morning at 6 am.  Ben's surgery is scheduled for 12:30 pm central....  So please continue your warm thoughts and prayers......

I can't thank you enough for all the beautiful messages.  I feel so blessed to have a community of such amazing support....

Ben is pretty good.... He seems sad...more than anything.... poor little bumpkin.  I can barely stand the thought of leaving him at the clinic tomorrow... But as the vet told me yesterday....'Kim, sometimes,  you gotta be cruel to be kind......'

Much love to you and yours....  

I will have my laptop with I will post a follow up on Ben's condition.....  

Deep Deep Sigh.....

xxo, kim


Sweet Ben - An Update


Thank you all so much for your positive thoughts and prayers....

We all appreciate much!

Ben is doing well.  The vet is confident that there has been no permanent nerve damage. 

He can't stand up on his own and the damage  to his pelvis is quite severe. But he is eating and going to the bathroom (at least #1).  They are going to help him out a little with #2 today. She believes he's probably nervous to try as it's so tendered. And because he isn't eating as much as normal and inactive that won't be helping move things.  So she is going to give him a laxative.  But the vet is confident that he will be okay in that area.  Apparently his sweet little tail is wagging as per usual and he has lots of feeling in his hind end.  I hope that's not too much information..... 

We are waiting for word from the Ortho Specialist in Winnipeg. Our vet assures us that the specialist is very good and will only do the surgery if he is confident that it will be the best possible outcome for Ben. Unfortunately the cost is going to be even more than estimated. 'sigh'

It's all up in the air right now...but the surgery might not be until Wednesday.... So it looks like we will be able to have him home with us for a few days.  'sigh'

But oh my gosh, I could not love this little boy more.... Not a day goes by that we don't marvel over his cuteness, his sweetness, his quirky little personality.... He does the cutest things...  Like when someone comes to the door, whether it's company or one of us... he bolts to the door with a toy or old sock in mouth to show them....then proceeds to parade around the entrance, proudly showing it off....  It's really funny when it's a ripped up old sock....  He's so proud!!  Whenever you talk to him he tilts his head back and forth as if to say, what mommy?  what are you saying?  When my cell phone beeps, he tilts his little head as if to say, who was that?  It's cuteness ....BEYOND....

After he was hit by the truck, my brother came over to see him.  He thought he must be okay as Ben was lying there wagging his tail.  When the vet was poking and prodding he was just there, with his little nose in her face giving her little kisses.  You can't help but love him.  

And I swear he was born to be photographed.  He will pose for the camera in a second.  He's truly the sweetest gift.  And I can't imagine our world without him.

So we must find a way to get him well. Please continue to pray for us...  as we wait for the details and figure it all out.  

We are all so very grateful.  

much love and gratitude.....xxo, Kim 



Ben Needs Your Prayers


OH my dear friends....

My sweet Ben was hit by a truck today......

He has fractured his pelvis in several spots.....  

The outcome is up in the air.

They are keeping him over the weekend for observation.  The first concern is nerve damage.  If that's the case there is little they can do for our sweet boy.

If there isn't any nerve damage he will either need major surgery in a city 3 1/2 hours from here....  or it is possible that he could heal on his own.  

It's all so up in the air. We will know more tomorrow.

Just the thoughts of our little guy all alone at the clinic about does me in....  'sigh'

Your thoughts and prayers would be deeply appreciated...

xxo, kim