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Learn Textures in Ten Minutes - a Free eCourse Offering and More

Hello, sweet friends....

I'm sitting here...bout ready to burst...with a secret. :)

I can't tell you quite yet....'sigh'...

But, I do have some good stuff for you today...

2 new Textures...

and....  are you ready for it?

a new and FREE instant access eCourse!


My new mini photoshop eCourse

'Learn Textures in Ten' is ready and waiting for all the texture newbies out there!

I'm pretty proud of this announcement...seeing as I just came up with the idea last night, in bed, while I should have been fast asleep....

Check out all the details HERE


Okay on to my new texture offering...  Today we are getting grungy...and warming things up.

Two lovelies for you today my friends.... 



Check out my sweet fence...taken this past was snowing very lightly...super hazy...and really quite fab!

mouse over to see the before image.

I simply added a layer of 'paper love' at soft light...lowered the opacity a little...

and wowzer...great tones. :)

0h, i used both of today's textures on the red shed image above....  play with them....they work great together.

Today's Textures are $4.00 until Friday....Click below to grab 'em up....

Add to Cart

I can't sign off without sharing a little Julia Cameron inspiration....

Love this excerpt from Artist's Way - Every Day for January 8th.

It is never too late to start over. It is never past the point of no return for our artist to recover. We can heap years, decades, a lifetime of insult upon our artist and it is so resilient, so powerful and so stubborn that it will come back to life when we give it the smallest opportunity.  

Good stuff .... right? Whatchya think?  Pretty powerful?  Share your thoughts... I'd love to hear....  

Okie doke...  I'm out...  must get back to my Essentials eCourse lessons.  Wow... it's an awesome group!! I'm totally loving it!!

Please tell you friends about my Learn Textures in Ten' eCourse.....and if you are new to textures...come check it out!

The more the merrier....

Back spill my fabulous secret...... until then...

Love & Gratitude..... 

xxo, Kim



Be Still My Beating Heart - Sweet Everyday Pet Pics 

Ready to.......

Ready to..... by Sandy

ritual:reading in bed {explored}

Reading in Bed by Tammy Lee Bradley


Chillin' by durtcom

Big And Gentle

Big & Gentle by Dave Linscheid


Ellie by  mamadunk

Minnie Pearl

Minnie Pearl by mfhiatt

Scout & Dill

Scout & Dill by Magpie's Fancy

Why can't we be friends, why can't we be friends?

Why Can't We be Friends kderty74


Happiest Sunday my Friends.

Oh so much to love in the Everyday Pets Flickr Group!  Thanks for sharing your precious pets.

If you have some sweet pet pics to share... we'd love to have you in the group!

Click HERE to join the Everyday Pet Flickr group ...and view so many more sweet pet pics.

See you soon...

xxo, Kim and Bored Ben.....  


Live Today - Create Tomorrow


'How am I going to live today in order to create the tomorrow I'm committed to?'  ~Tony Robbins


Screech...  it's me...zooming in with a friday texture...  yikes... Saturday at almost 9 pm.... oops....

oh and some fab Tony Robbin's Wisdom as well.... 'sigh'... good stuff!

How are you?  Happiest Saturday.  

Okay so....  here's today's freebie, my friends....I call it  'Create-Edges'

(used on the image above)

It's good stuff....  :)  I do believe it would work fabulously with the Edge Collection...  'just sayin'.... 

Texture Lovin' for the download link in your inbox shortly.

Not on my texture lovin' list?

Feel free to sign up HERE.

You will receive weekly freebie textures, starting with today's 'Create-Edges'.....along with special insider emailing offerings.

Disclaimer: Textures are totally ADDICTIVE....  'sigh'

Don't say I didn't warn you. :)

Confused about textures?  wondering what the heck they are all about? You are not alone... I often get emails asking me about them.  Check out my freebie tutorials to get the basic scoop on how they work, HERE.

And stay tune for a special... 'what the heck are textures' article.... it's about time I put something up....cause seriously if you haven't used them.. it's like what the heck? :)

Okie doke... that's all for this evening.  

I'm going to leave you with that...  and say so long......  until tomorrow... for our weekly Everday Pet feature....

Love & Gratitude....  xxo, Kim

p.s. Oh, but wait... my new eCourse... Photoshop The Essentials starts on Tuesday.  I'm super pumped about this class...and all that it offers!  I'm talking TONS of info, my friends...  Take the class and you will be totally ROCKIN' PHOTOSHOP...  

Honestly, for all I have packed into's a STEAL.  And the possibility of a price increase for the next round is highly possible....

Okay, signing off.... for reals...  ciao for now..... xxo, Kim


Gratitude Unlocks the Fullness of Life

Simple Abundance Entry for January 14th

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life.  It turns what we have into enough, and more.  It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.

~Melody Beattie

an excerpt from Sarah Ban Breathnach's book, Simple Abundance.

Happiest Friday!! Are you ready for the weekend?

I can not believe how quickly this week zipped by! WOW! But it's all good!

I haven't forgotten your texture freebie... I hope you can wait til tomorrow.... I will be back with that! I promise...

I just had to pop in and share a little mouse over action... It's been forever since I've done that.

Mouse over the image above to see the original. I used yesterday's FramedWhite from the Edge Texture Collection in three different blend modes, screen, multiply and soft light.

That's all for now, my friends...  short and sweet...  

Love & Gratitude.... xxo, Kim


Introducing the Edge Texture Collection - Layers of Vintage Love


Happiest Thursday....

It's been awhile since I offered a new texture collection.  

I hope you like this set. I've been playing a little with each of them....  

I have to say... LOVE...LOVE them! 

I spent some time layering old papers ...  pulled out the paint and ink as well...

and voila... the Edge Collection....cause they have great edges! :)


Here's a few sample images.... a little artful inspiration!  'sigh'

if you wish... 

speaking of art...  Check out my new eCourse...  Art of Texture - The Secrets Revealed... 'hint, hint'... 'nudge, nudge...'

More on that next week...  :)  sooo excited. 'sigh'

Okey doke...  a few images textured with today's Edge Collection.


a little winter inspiration


To order today's collection for just $6.00 click below.

Price will increase to $11.00 on Monday, January 18th

Add to Cart



Love & Gratitude... xxo, Kim 


Photoshop Recipe Sharing - A Video Tutorial


Oh my word...where have I been?  How on earth is it almost Thursday?

Sigh....  I've been working on the Tuesday Textures since Monday.  Ugh...

But in the meantime...  check out a little video recipe sharing.  I am walking you through one of the recipes I share in the Photoshop Recipe Book.


Check out the video below. (ignore my stumbling's the end of a long day!... 'smile')

Hoping you are super fabulous! Completely  inspired and making art. :)

Back tomorrow... before the clock strikes midnight....with some new textures!

Love & Gratitude, xxo, Kim

p.s. click HERE to order the Photoshop Recipe Book.

p.s. click HERE to check out the Test Kitchen - lots of recipe sharing happening over there. :)

p.s.s. And oh my gosh, The all new Essentials eCourse starts next week!  Are you in?  :) Check it out HERE.



Finding Fabulousness in the Simplest Places


Happiest Monday

How are you? 

Today I thought I'd pop in and share a my little photography challenge....

and a few tips as well!

So here's the scoop.  Day after day, Ben and I walk down the back lane...  We put a harness under his belly to support his back end....In one hand I hold the leash, in the other, I hold the harness.  The leash keeps him from running.  My oh my does he really wants to run!

Anyhow, I tell you all this, cause as I walk down the lane with him, I am constantly wishing I could take some pics.  The frost has been beautiful this winter.  And snow is such an amazing backdrop for pretty much anything!  But there's no way I can take pics.  My hands are FULL. :)

Oh I should have also mentioned that we do not leave Ben unattended.  EVER.  And we can do that, because I work from, I don't have much of a life. :) As long as we are in the same room with him, we know he is safe.  And this allows us to leave him out of the crate.  He can sleep on his blanket in the studio and when the boys are around he likes to hang with them on the couch or love seat.  Okay so, I tell you all this....cause I can't just grab my camera when the light is right and zip out to take some pics. At least not for a few more weeks. 

Today I was like, darn it Kim, just jump in the Escape and go.  So I loaded up Mr. Ben and off we went, around the corner and down the back alley..... 

Before I headed out I thought...  hmm, how bout giving yourself a little challenge.... keep it interesting. :)

So here's what I came up with......

My Challenge

Part 1 - See what you can capture by staying in the car. (I simply rolled down my window or opened the door, and a for a few shots I had to roll down Ben's window.) 

Part 2 - Processing- I allowed myself only one texture for all the photos.  So before I began I picked one that I thought would work. And I also told myself to limit the photoshop layers to no more than four. :)

So with that said... here's my little backlane photoshoot...  and I will finish it off with a little video tutorial.  

Sound good?  :)

Oh I should mention I used GreyDay Slate....and if you do not have it yet...

you can download it HERE along with it's companion GreyDay Stone.

Why did I choose GreyDay Slate?  Mainly because the GreyDay textures work really well with winter pics...and also because it has lots of interesting depth and texture....Oh and I like that it is framed. :)



Okie doke....Come along...for a little back lane stroll

a little peek into Ben's world...




totally love the little seeds on these branches....

love what the framing does to this image.

found this a little harsh...yet I liked the bokeh...

the texture softened it a little.

and last but not least...


And here's a little video on how I processed today's images.

Thanks for popping by! Here's to a fabulous week!

If you wanna play along... why not give the challenge a try. Then come on back and share your link! I'd love to see what you come up with!

Love & Gratitude...xxo, Kim

p.s. If you would like to share this post with your friends, feel free to use the share buttons below.  Thanks bunches....