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Friday Finds - Unexpected Gifts


Welcome to Friday Finds.....

Let's celebrate what we have found, discovered..... uncovered...this past week.

What is Friday Finds ?.... You ask....

Friday Finds is a place to gather and share your finds with fellow creatives....

So many find possibilities.....unique treasures...... special moments..... life's lessons......little things.....big things too...... nature's beauty..... heart shaped stones, a special cup.....a pretty flower....wise words....
it's endless.....

To play along... post your find on flickr or your blog... share the story behind your to Friday Finds (feel free to grab the button below).....then pop over here to link up.

Simply put..... you are invited to post a fabulous find of any kind..... 

My wish for Friday Finds.....that we stop .... pause.....simply.... cherish life's simple pleasures......

Share the Friday Finds Button

kim klaxon dot com



My Friday Find 

I'm back in Winnipeg with John.....It's been a busy but productive week.... John's hanging in there.... He's on his third cycle of chemo.... there's nothing easy about chemotherapy....but he's handling it so well.... My Hero...for sure.

This afternoon (Thursday) I had to do a few errands i was zipping back to the apartment ..... i was thinking about my Friday Find..... I decided I would pop over to the park after I visited John..... It's lovely there... 

Anyhow, I hopped out of my car to drop off the groceries.... and there it was, my Friday Find..... This lovely clematis.... right by the front door.... I popped up and grabbed my camera.... snapped several photos....and then a few more here and there.... 


Please tell me/show me your Friday Finds....  in the link up below.


love & gratitude........from my yours....




p.s. to my Start to Finish students.... OH my gosh... just looking at a few of the beautiful photos you all shared in the flickr group!! So amazing...... Bravo...cheers..... LOVE.... xo


Reader Comments (12)

So pretty, what a lovely colour. Happy weekend to you.
July 12, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterBecs
Hi Kim,
Just a quick note to thank you for continuing to give so much to us, your blog fans, when you probably have very little to give at this challenging time. We appreciate you! Good wishes to John.
July 12, 2013 | Unregistered Commentercathy @ ma vie trouvee
Beautiful images, and processing. Beyond gorgeous! Best wishes to your Hero.
July 12, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterBarb
those are quite lovely - I always have wanted to grow those - but alas, I kill everything I attempt at - ha!
July 12, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterTiaras & Tantrums
Lovely photos as always Kim. I think about you, John, and your family (including Ben) often and will keep praying for John's FULL recovery! May God Bless you all!
July 12, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterCheryl M
It appears your reboot is working just fine.
Strength for today and hope for tomorrow.
July 12, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterRoxi
You are in our thoughts and prayers for your hero to be healthy and well.
peace n abundance,
July 12, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterCheyAnne
That is one beautiful clematis! I always love the softness of your photos. Now ... to get busy on my 'find' ...
July 12, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterDotti
So glad that you managed to be relaxed enough to take in all that beauty in the park.
July 12, 2013 | Unregistered Commentergirl friday
Great find -- I've tried growing(photo 1.) that lovely plant Ihave never got it to look so beautiful as you have captured..
Keep safe..
July 12, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterKrsiteen
What a great find!!!
July 13, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterTracy Lynn
Thank you for the reminder. Even and especially in diificult times it is important to pay attention to the beauty that is around us. Notice the little things. All the best to you, Kim. Liz
July 14, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterLiz Hampton-Derivan

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