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My Latest Obsession..... 

is Instagram....
It's like keeping a journal.... with a click of a button. I'm never without my iPhone.... It's just so easy.

I've been a little distracted this past few days... unable to focus on the work at hand.. you know how that goes? As just happens....

So I've been clicking lots of pics (mostly with my iPhone)....and following my fab friends on IG.

Here's a few of my latest clicks.

Scored this awesome diddy at Winners.... Seriously...  love it. It hangs right by the door for keys and other little goodies.... LOVE.

Found and want this Table... from Lady of the Lake. I think it could be the perfect desk... Must take some measurements. If it wasn't so nasty out I would have zipped into town again today. But it's seriously awful out there.

Taking lots of pics of these sweet little paper eggs.... adorable cup from SuperStore.

Basket from Winners. Love. Eggs from Winners too....

A Fab new inspired cup I'm lovin'.

Of course, had to snap a few pics of Ben.... love how he wraps his legs all up and under.....


He hides behind the curtains in our room all the time..... often sleeps like this too.

Went on our walk today... sooo cold and windy...and now it's snowing. :(

Up above.

Pretty flowers in the white room.


Watched We Bought a Zoo last night. Absolutely LOVED it....  so sweet and lovely....and just GOOD.

Downloaded this book to listen to next. John read it this week and said it's awesome.

Loved this book....thank you Cheryl for the recommendation.... Absolutely fabulous on Audio... reminds me of The Help!! 

eCourse Updates

Beyond Layers - There's still time to sign up for round 2 of Beyond Layers..... (early bird pricing still available)
I've been asked if I will offer a Round 3. I am not sure. I think I will see how it goes..... :) Anyhow, it's really an awesome class and an incredible value. Click HERE to find out more.

The Essentials - Starts in just a few weeks. This will be the last session before fall. Get the details here.

Okie doke...signing off..... 

We are heading to my parents for Easter dinner... just across the street.... :) But first, I'm going to head down to the spin cycle..... a little pre-dinner calorie burning.... 'sigh'

What about you? What's new and intersting in your world? I'd love to hear.......


Reader Comments (6)

Loved CeeCee Honeycutt! Excellent read that one is. I didn't want it to end. Love your Instagram shots, Kim~
April 7, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterKate
I'm so with you...absolutely LOVING instagram!! And I really must see We Bought A Zoo. Happy Easter.
April 8, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterKari Desi
I'm right there with you on the latest obsession...since Instagram for Andriod was available late last week, immediately downloaded it and shot lots of photos at my sisters...great fun! love your shots (and our golden sleeps behind the curtains too!)
oh darn, i missed the give-away. but congrats to the winner! guess i should stop in more often but we've been so busy working on the house, i haven't had time to do anything.

your Ben looks an awful lot like my poochie. that is so cute how he curls his legs up like that, i have never seen a dog do that before. and way too cute how he hides behind the curtain, oh so sweet! i wonder if he wants a crate maybe to hide in? my dog loves his crate and goes in it all the time. i think it makes him feel secure somehow. they say they are cave dwellers LOL i just made that up. and yes so unreal how they love to go in water no matter what the temp is yikes. that was cute how you wrote that. {love your doggie posts}

love that desk and the key thingie too! glad you're feeling better! hope you had a great Easter.

oh and thanks for the mention of the movie, i was wondering if it was any good or not.
April 8, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSandy
"He hides behind the curtains in our room all the time"

I think he is hiding from that camera of yours! Just kidding - great photos as always.
April 9, 2012 | Unregistered Commentercathy @ ma vie trouvee
I wish I had an iPhone every time I hear you talk about Instagram, but I really don't need one. I have an iPad but the camera is horrible on it.

Have you read any of Sue Bender's books. They are so different, I read "Everyday Sacred, A Woman's Journey Home" , it's great for us middle aged women, I had a lot of aha moments throughout the book.

Hope that table is the right size for you, love it, great iPhone shots.
Who doesn't love Winners or Home Sense? I have to stop myself going there sometimes :)
April 9, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLynn

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