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Entries in black and white (6)


Texture Tuesday - Black & White eDition


mouse over to see the original image

Dear friends,

Welcome to another Texture Tuesday. This is #161..... Can you believe that?

Thanks for stopping by....and sharing your beautiful textured art my friends!

This weeks theme - Black & White and textured.

Simply share a favourite b&w image processed with any of my textures....that's it...that's all.

Next weeks theme ....Tuesday, May 27th

free & easy....

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from my kitchen sink.....rainy day - black & white with touch of sepia split-toning

Today's Uptop Image Recipe 

In Camera

I experimented a bit with blurred focus in camera.... trying to create the feel of a gentle breeze.

In Lightroom....

Cropped then Auto-toned .... converted to b&w. I boosted the contrast and clarity... as well as a boost in the blacks..... 

In Photoshop...

I added a layer of kk_simple at color burn blend mode 78%...masking the texture off the scarf.

Note: Color Burn blend mode can work quite nicely with desaturated textures on b&w tends to bring out just the right amount of texture in the shadowy areas of the image. It often works better than multiply...which tends to create an overall muddy look.

Just one free texture today - kk-rainyday

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Before I sign off... A little quotable inspiration.....


Happy TT.... Sweet friends.....Link away....

with gratitude.....forever...always....




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{Guest Post} Back in Time by Tracey Clark

 Oh my goodness... I'm so excited.....the super talented...always inspiring....  Tracey Clark is here to share with us today! Woo hoo.... Be sure to check out the surprise below her beautiful words and images.

Take it away, Tracey.....

My love affair with photography began in black & white. Before the digital age, you had to make a decision what kind of photograph you wanted to create. For me, it was always black & white. Roll after roll, shooting with a monochromatic palette, I began to actually see the world around me translated through the absence of color. It helped to hone my photographic eye. I became a stalker of light, of shadow, highlights, shade, shape, curve, space, composition and expression. When you remove the color from the image, each of these things becomes even more important. 

Since then, I’ve come to embrace the digital age and have learned to love (and depend on) seeing the shot in color first. After the fact, with the click of my mouse, I can change it on a whim. It’s changed how I see the world. I still see all of the things I saw before only now I have the luxury of choosing how to proceed. Color or black & white? And I usually make my choice on a shot to shot basis. Now, every shot can ask for something unique. Each one tells me what it would like to be. I listen and follow along.

Even still, I am 100% certain that laying my photographic foundation in black & white made me the photographer I am today. I’m not so sure I’d be able to see all of the elements I see, all of the things that make up a strong image, if it weren’t for the monochromatic practice. Would I still know the way the light shapes things and bring them to life, the importance of gesture and expression, the way every part of the frame is a narrative? I’m not sure. I just don’t know if color makes you work hard enough to not only see those things, but also to put them to good use in your images. I guess at this point there’s no real way to tell but I can say that with Picture Black & White, I am eager to shoot with black & white in mind again. I am looking forward to the challenge of going back to basics, of revisiting my beginnings, and reminding myself of where and how my passion was sparked.

Why is it that black & white images from the past stir our souls? Is it just a coincidence that all of the black & white images I cherish feel timeless, classic, and true? I doubt it. Black & white isn’t just where I began in photography; it’s where many of us began experiencing photography, whether by shooting or just by looking at early images. Black & white photography is a part of our history, part of who we are. And no matter how much amazing and awesome technology there is to help us capture life in living color, traveling back in time to where it all began will never get old. 


Thank you Tracey... I adore your B&W imagery.

Fabulous News

Tracey is offering 3 lucky winners a spot in her upcoming class, Picture Black & White

To enter, leave a comment below sharing your thoughts/ideas/experience with Black & White Photography. Be sure to enter your email address in the info box.

The lucky winners will be announced tomorrow evening (May 2nd).


Photoshop Tutorial ~ Black and White Done Right

Hey there,

I'm back with another recipe to share. 

Check out the transformation on this image. Simply mouse over to see the before.  Pretty cool, don't you think?

There's something so beautiful about 2 people holding hands!

Let's get started with our.....

Day 3 Recipe -  Black & white Done Right

Layer 1
So for this image I duplicated the background layer.  Did you know you can type control j to duplicate a layer? 
Then I applied a gaussian blur filter to the duplicate layer at about 45 pixels.  You may have noticed I use the blur filter a lot!!
I removed the blur from their hands and arms and lowered the opacity of the layer to 84%.

Layer 2, 3 & 4
Then to convert this image to a fabulous black and white I added 3 black to white gradient map adjustment layers.  I set the first layer at normal blending mode 100%, the second layer at soft light 100% and the third layer at screen 65%. 

Layer 5 & 6
Create a new layer: Then select a soft round brush and a light grey shade and painted over Alannah's shorts to soften the color.  I set the blending mode to soft light.  That wasn't quite soft enough so I duplicated the layer.

Layer 7
Next I added a solid color adjustment layer in white, set to soft light at 100%.

Layer 8
Time for our texture:  I used the texture 'frosted' for this image.  It's part of the baker's dozen collection, which you can find here.  There's something about it that seems to work magic for me.  I set the blending mode to multiply and lowered the opacity to 51%.  I added a layer mask and removed the texture from the hands and arms.

Layer  9
Duplicated Layer 8 and change the blending mode to soft light and the opacity to 75%.

Layer 10 & 11
I added the text 'all because two people fell in love" using the font vt portable remington which i downloaded from and set the blending mode to soft light.  I wanted it to be a little darker so I duplicated the layer.


That's that my friends.  It's all in the layers!  :)

I hope you have a fantastic Wednesday.  See you back here tomorrow for the day 4 recipe.


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one for you and you and you...

hi all....

getting ready for grad on friday....
a little crazy...
can't find bryce's shoes.... which are practically brand new...
john is sooo good at cleaning.. but there's just one little problem.
he puts things away and we never find them again....
and if i ask him have you seen....? 
he is like, no, no i haven't.... 

off to get bryce's tux fitted....
and pick up a few last minute goodies...

sooo looking forward to closing this chapter and diving into summer.

hoping your day is lovely.....

i will have lots of stay-cation news and info to share next week.

i hope to have the actual site up by mid week....

in the meantime, a little daisy love.

xxo, kim


friday night

hi all,

friday night bliss... must acknowledge it!

me and andy...  my laptop. 
listen to the quiet...  ADORE... truly!! 

john has my bug. :(  poor guy...
so he is off to bed...early, early....

i love my alone time. 
i mean love
there's just something about the quiet of late evening or early morning that is just RIGHT.

so, i'm popping around the land of blog....
visiting my 'friends'... stocking my etsy shop.... slowly.

the above image is in the shop now. 
 i really do want to 'grow' my etsy shop. 

but my big goal is to finalize my 'art of texture' class so i can introduce it here tuesday at the latest. 
soooo excited!!  a real blessing!! 

did you have a moment to check out my 'art talk' article on simply hue?
gosh i love simply hue.
vicki is all about sharing talent... really inspiring!

happiest weekend.
happiest mom's day...

love to all...
xxo, kim

“do every act of your life as if it were your last.” ~marcus aurelius


November in Black and White

i’m excited to be a part of “spring tree road in black and white”.  you can browse the group photos here.  check out maya’s site and fall in love with her photos, and the most beautiful handspun yarn i’ve ever seen.  GORGEOUS… 

here’s one of my black & whites, starring my beloved paints, brushes, pencils and pastels. 

suppliesnov6b&wtexture copywithwatermark

there are many to see on flickr and  more to come.  thanks for hosting this maya..  what an awesome idea!

xxo  kim