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{Weekend Texture} and a Question for You

Hello lovelies,

How are you? Happy weekend.... 

Before I dive in... big thanks for all the love you shared for my anthropologie video. I truly appreciate the sweet & gentle encouragement. I'm super excited about video.... I've been practicing a lot this past week. I've learnt so much in just a few days.... It's amazing what committing to the process can do. 



I have a new texture for you today.... a grungy, raw texture... layers of paint, coffee and ink....

I call this little number 2701. I used it on my uptop photo..... 

Click here to download 2701.


Okie doke....I must announce the give away winner..... remember the anthropologie red bowl.... So pretty....

Before I make the announcement... I'd like to share why I love give aways..... It might not be for the reason you think.

From a marketing point of view, give aways bring traffic to your site. Yep, it's true.......but give away visitors don't necessarily lead to faithful readers. It's no secret...some only comment because they want a chance to win the give away. 

I'm okay with this.... for two reasons....

First I have the most lovely and oh so faithful readers! So grateful.
Second....I love reading all the comments! Oh my goodness..... It fills my heart... BIG!
I love hearing what you are up to, where you are at creatively... what's working, what's not... Things you are excited about, your celebrations.....I love hearing it all!! 

Thank you for each and every comment you leave here... Truly so grateful.

And now.... the winner of the Red Anthro bowl is: TrishaC

Trisha wrote....

Trish, please drop me a line so I can get your bowl on it's way.


Before I sign off.... a question.

I'm considering a new class offering....maybe 2 - one for Elements 11 and one for Photoshop CS6.
Today I'd love to hear what version of Elements &/or Photoshop you are using....
and if you are interested in a class for this software??

Please share your input in the comments below.... 

Thanks so much....

Okie doke...time to sign off.... until next time...



A Weekend Texture & Give Away Winners Announced

Texture Tuesday Update...oh and another give away....keep reading.

Hello lovelies..... 

More tea..... as you can see...
I'm on a bit of a roll..... perhaps you've noticed.... 'smile'.  
I'm working on a little project ... having loads of creative fun.....feeling really inspired, and for that I'm so grateful.

I must be quick... lots happening around here.
Oh I have a story to share...soon....I have to bite my tongue for a little longer.... Can't wait to spill the beans!

Okie doke, I'm popping in with a new texture for you to try... I call this little gem '1301'.

Take a peek.

Click HERE to download 1301.

I used it on the photo below.... along with a layer of last week's 'return'. Good stuff.

Recipe Rundown
I processed the photo in Lightroom...(Round Trippers, remember the Lightroom develop preset for the sky image we made in class? ... well, I used it on this photo) then I moved into photoshop.....  added one layer of today's 1301 at multiply 44% and one layer of return at soft light 77%. Finally the quote, with a fav font.... Rough Typewriter.

Like textures? Be sure to sign up for my texture lovin' list and begin receiving your freebies immediately. Click HERE to get on the list.

Okie doke...before I announce Friday's give away winners, let's talk this Tuesday's Texture Tuesday theme! Woo hoo. It's back.

TT Schedule Update: I will now be publishing the Texture Tuesday links on Tuesday mornings at approximately 9:00 am CST, rather than Tuesday at 12:00 am CST.

This Tuesday's Theme (January 16th) 

The theme for this week is 'cuppa'.... I've been sharing a lot of tea & coffee photos lately... I'd love to see one of yours.

The only requirement - your image must contain at at least one layer of any of my textures. That's it, that's all.

See you Tuesday... I hope. 

Onto the Give Away Announcements

The winner of the lovely one word pendant is Cheryl C. 

The winner of a spot in my Round Trip course is Sabrina Kalleberg.

Drop me a note ladies and I will get you hooked up.


Round Trip begins this Tuesday. There's still lots of time to 'dive' in..... Click HERE for all the details.

Oh and Beyond, Beyond.... a year long mix of Lightroom, Photoshop, Textures, Type, Inspiration and even iPhoneography.... begins next week. Click HERE to get the scoop.


One more Give Away Opportunity

How 'bout a chance to win a spot in Beyond, Beyond?

To enter, leave a comment below sharing a favourite movie or tele show....old or new.... Do tell!

Side note
I will admit to a little too much Tele over the holidays.... It did give me a chance to shut down and just kinda be. (not always a bad thing)
John and I started watching Bones on Netflix, on New Years Eve... Yep we know how to have a good time...hah...
Anyhow we watched the first season and even moved into the second.... Can you imagine? We watched something like 30 episodes! We're a little tired of it now... The main reason I kept jumping to the next episode was to see if Booth and Bones got together....I'm not joking! Sadly I've heard they don't get together until about season 5 or 6 (who knows if it There's no way I can watch that many episodes.... I'm kinda over it... ugh.
Ooops, I got a little side tracked... sorry friends.... 

Anyhow, as I said to enter the Beyond Beyond give away leave a comment below sharing a fav movie or television program.

I will announce the winner on Tuesday. Already signed up.... that's okay.... if you win, I will credit you back.


Until Tuesday.... here's to a truly inspired week.

Love & Gratitude.... always....



{Weekend Texture} Quiet Moments...and a Little Hello

Hello friends,

How are you? I hope your weekend has been lovely.... Mine zipped by rather quickly....but it was nice. We took Bryce out for breakfast yesterday.... He's doing well...his place is very cozy.... He seems pleased with it all...which makes me happy... He has come so nice to see him moving forward... It's heart warming....

Big thanks again for all the loving comments below last Sunday's post..... I'm really good... Honestly I think my biggest struggle was the mixed feelings.... part of me sad...part of me happy....part of me unsure what to feel... It's been such a long road.... But this week has been lovely.... I've seen Bryce twice and we've talked on the phone everyday... Brett and I connect daily for one thing or another.... so the transition hasn't been that difficult....

I also wanted to say...many of you shared that you too are hurting....and I want you to know I'm sorry.... hang in there.... life can be so up and down.... but somehow we find our way.....  little by little day by day.... Big love to each of you....

I have a new texture to share today.... I really like this one..... I used it on my photo above.... but applied a blur filter.... I guess you could say I used it more for the tones than the texture... I love what it did to my photo....

Here's a peek at 'unleashed'.

Texture Lovin' Listers, the download link is coming your way. Not on the list, click HERE to sign up and start receiving freebie textures right away.

Okie doke.... I'm off for now... Here's to a truly inspired week.


p.s. for those who have been asking....Round Trip will open for registration on Tuesday..... for reals...



A Sweet New Texture to Try


on the front porch ~ textured with soft light.

Dear friends,

Happiest Friday. How are you? Oh my, what a few weeks...maybe months... it has been. So much full..... so much to tell you.

Where do I begin? 

Behind the Scenes is coming to an end. It's been such an awesome experience. Such a fab class to create... Collaborating with Xanthe has been so much fun!! If you are interested in joining us for the next round... registration for late August will be open soon. Stay tuned.

A few months ago I went to California to visit Myriam.... We also spent a fabulous evening with Tracey while I was there... It was awesome... Such an gift. I went to Myriams to help her a bit with photo editing....but it turned out to be so much bigger than that. (more on that soon hopefully) Anyhow, 3 days was not enough Myriam popped on a plane and came to Canada..... She was here for almost a week. was such a fabulous time. She is working on a lovely site.....  to open soon. I can't wait. You can check out her lovely welcome page HERE. So good.

Myriam's visit helped me to look around.....really stop, see and appreciate our beautiful open spaces... amazing light and long days. Since she left I've been out shooting more.... I realize that I need to take the time to really appreciate my life...... I've been so busy with 'this' I was beginning to forget all about 'that'. Thank you Myriam.

I know it's been a few weeks since I shared a texture with you all. I will make it up to you. I promise.... 

I do have a soft little number you can try today. I call it elevate.

Texture Lovin' Listers the link is coming your way in just a bit.

I wanted something subtle to go with this floral photo....and Elevate seemed to work beautifully at soft light blend mode. Just enough..... I also used it over the 4-square image above.... 

so soft & subtle - mouse over to see the before

Not on the list, click HERE to sign up and start receiving freebie textures today.

Okie doke.... I have some eCourse updates to come....I've been keeping a secret (sort of).... bursting to tell you more.... 'sigh' ....soon...very soon.....

I will also have the TT guest host submission guidelines ready this weekend... I will pop you an email when they are up. 

I best sign off... Ben awaits.... It's super hot here... really should have gone to the trail this morning.....I'm hoping we don't come face to face with the pond beaver today.... Yikes.... that was scary.... Thankfully Ben didn't get his nose bit off.... But it was close. 


So that's it for me.... Tell me, what's new with you? Any big weekend plans? I'd love to hear....

Have a beautiful weekend... back soon....

p.s. I'm hanging out at Shutter Sisters today. This month we are celebrating moments. Come share with us. 


{Weekend Texture} Sweet Autumn Love

Happiest Sunday. How was your weekend?

I"m just popping in quick with your freebie texture.

I call this one 'word'. I think it has lots of possiblities! 

Texture Lovin' Listers, the download link will go out in just a bit.

If you are not the list and would like to receive free textures and good stuff like that, feel free to sign up HERE.

Before I go... Here's one more snap from our walk on the trail today. Gosh Autumn is lovely.  

Happy 'sigh'.....

Here's to a most inspired week, my friends.



Love At First Sight & a Fab Freebie Texture


Let me introduce you to my new 'love'!

Is she not beautiful?  


It was love at first sight.......  

Do you have time for a little story? 

Thursday evening.....

We were out for dinner at a fabulous Café the other night.It was a last minute idea.... and a good one I must say.

Dinner was yummy...café was lovely.....

I went up to the counter to pay the bill.... (so glad it was me and not John buying).....

and there she was....  

My heart skipped a few beats.

This lovely antique scale....sitting on the counter, holding some fresh lemons... just waiting for me.

I instantly fell in love with the lines, the crackled yellow paint, and the beautiful 'hughes family scale' text on the front.... 

The Café is attached to an amazing shop, called Lady of the Lake. I shared a little tour of the shop here

What that meant to me.... was..... the scale had a price tag on it! It was FOR SALE!

At first I was like, 'no, Kim... you do not need it!' I paid the bill and told the waiter I really wanted that scale, but couldn't!  

I walked about 10 ft....John came up beside me and I said to him.... 'I'm sorry! I have to buy that scale! I just have to!'

He was like...'you have 3 or 4 scales already, Kimmy!'.... (have I told you he calls me Kimmy? lol.....)

and I was like....'yes, but I don't have one like this! And I can use it for photo shoots. It can be a business expense! I'm buying it!'  

I turned in my tracks! The waiter laughed... 'You are back' he said...

'Yep, (sigh) I must have this!'

mouse over to see the before

mouse over to see the before

Moral of the story....

Go with your gut! Sometimes you just gotta have it! It may take a little sacrifice, it may take a little creativity.... but sometimes you gotta make it happen!  

This was one of those things!


As I sprinkled the fallen peony petals on the scale today, I felt completely pleased with my decision. 

Not one regret!


Texture Talk

After I processed the photos, I envisioned a scripted texture on the images. So I set to making this sweet little one. I call her, 'aurora'.....

Whatchya think? Can you imagine the possibilities?

Texture Lovin' Listers, your download link is coming your way! 

Not on the list, click HERE to sign up and start receiving Freebies right away.

Test Kitchen members, I'm working on some new videos....sharing today's textured scale recipe. Stay tune for that tomorrow.

Here's to an inspired week, my friends....

Oh, before I go... The FREE Skinny-Mini eCourse begins tomorrow. If you are interested in a little photoshop learning, click HERE to sign up.


p.s. I mentioned sacrifice.... well this antique lovin' mama stayed home all weekend.....  the only place I went was to the trail with Ben.... which I say, paid for the scale. :) 


Sweet Mayzee and Friends... and Some Texture Love

Hello my friends! Happiest Sunday...and to some ... happy Monday!

How was your weekend?  I hope fabulous!

Ben and I are sitting here, drying off from a hike on the trail.... a wet and soggy hike..... Yep, the rain is back!! Ugh....  I'm not complaining... just  sayin'....  :)

Anyhow, this morning John, Ben and I went out to our friend's place to meet a sweet new baby girl... Her name may or may not be Mayzee.... It's up in the air right now.... But I like it!

Meet Mayzee's Mama.  I now realize I never did find out her name.... but I like calling her 'Mayzee's Mama'... a lot!

I thought I'd share a few black and whites. Several photos are textured with today's freebie.... I call 'mayzee'.....

This gal was in love with the camera.... she kept standing right in front of it....  so sweet.... and I think she's quite photogenic...

Here's Mayzee and another friend..... sharing a little love....

Did I mention Mayzee isn't even a month old.... Yeppers, she was born in May. :)

 Had to share this shot...cause it's just plain funny!

I will stop.... I have a ton of pics... but that's a few of my favs....

Let me introduce our 'mayzee' texture.  By the way... I'm sure that's not how you spell Mayzee...but I think it's kind of fun!

This texture worked fabulously with every photo I tried it on..I hope you like it!

Texture Lovin' Listers... the download link is coming your way. 

Not on the list... sign up today and get started with Mayzee and several more FAB FREEBIE textures delivered to your inbox.

Don't forget to pop back for Texture Tuesday. This week's theme - the free and easy eDition. Pretty much anything goes... just be sure your photo contains one layer of my textures...and share, share, share....

Oh and I may just have a sweet mini texture collection ready..... fingers crossed.

Al right my friends....I best sign off.... the hungry are waiting!

Have a most inspired evening...and here's to a FAB week for all!