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Entries in fridays texture (5)


So Long 2010... So Good to Know You


used today's texture on the image above.

Happy New Year....Sweet Friends

How are you?

Can you believe it...another year...come and gone! Isn't it insane how quickly the time just slips on by?

Okay so I think you know...  2010 was a love affair kind of year for me.  I so loved this past year.

And the reason being.....almost every single day.... I was doing what I love.... living my passion....  and even getting paid to do it!!  How's that for awesome?

So with that said.....  not every year is like that...  some are down right awful.

But, good, bad or's over.... 

It's a new year...  a clean slate.... a fresh start....  what could be better?  

Time to stop hiding behind our insecurities...and start living our DREAMS...  

It's going to be FAB...truly FAB!

And as I say this...think baby friends...  baby steps. :)

What do you say?  Are you ready to embrace your inner artist.....  start feeding your soul....  and believing in EWE?

It's all so very exciting!!  (okay so the ewe thing was kinda corny...but i had this sheep pic that Ben and I took on our drive today......pretend it's a ewe...pretend you don't see the horns... okay?  .....)

Now how bout a little artful inspiration.....?  sound good?

Here's a passage from Julia Cameron's Arist's Way Every Day book ....for December 31st.

"when we say that making art is an act of faith and that as we make art we pursue a spiritual path, we are not talking loosely.  there is a grace in our every artistic encounter.  Miracles do happen.  We do not plan them. We hope for them and then we are open to the creator's mentoring hand in improving our suggestions. What looks difficult or impossible to us does not appear difficult or impossible to the Great Creator. " 

Isn't that ... truly inspired?  

So ... here's to an ART FULL 2011...and all that it holds possible!

Today i created a texture for you.... it includes each of your one little words shared in the comments section below Wednesday's post.


Click HERE to download it.

Wanna start receiving freebie textures each week?  Click HERE to sign up for my Texture Lovin' List.


Just a couple of little businessy items...and then a little surprise...

  • There are 4 spots left in the Original Art of Texture - it's a $99.00 eClass.... and it's on sale for $49.00. Click HERE to get the scoop.
  • And there are 6 spaces left int he Original Skinny eCourse.  It's on sale for $20.00.  Click HERE for the scoop.
  • Once the spaces are full registration will be closed forever..... So whatchya waiting for? :)
  • I am going to leave the Wednesday's textures at $5.00 thru the weekend.  Lots of people are traveling etc and have asked that I keep them up.  
  • Ben's collection will be forever and always $10.00.  (for those who have asked).


And now for that surprise....

I am giving away one spot in my upcoming Art of Texture - the Secrets Revealed eCourse. Please leave a comment below to enter.... Anything artful and inspired is perfect.  I will announce the winner on Wednesday January 5th.

So for now.... i say... so long....  Happy New Year...

You are awesome....

Love & Gratitude....always..... xxo, kim

p.s. need some one word inspiration?  click HERE to check out Ali Edward's One Little Word Workshop.... 


A Magical Black & White Photo Conversion

Happiest Friday!

How are you?  I hope you had a fantastic week.  And here’s to another weekend on it's way!  My how time flies.

Okay so, when you see your FREEBIES today, at first glance you may think…huh?  ‘What is she doing?  She’s lost her marbles!’  But I’m telling you, though, Today’s freebies are pretty much magical.  You just need to know how to use them! 

Before I share them …and tell you the secret trick for today’s textures, can we just take a moment and blow Sophie a few virtual kisses?  I’m telling you, this girl is so sweet.  She has such an amazing zest for life… And she’s also the gentlest doggy, ever.  And She loves to be LOVED. She could sit and let you kiss her forever.  It’s so sweet.  She just soaks it all up!  Oh, I suppose I should mention Sophie is staying with us this weekend!  Woo hooo!

And BIG NEWS…Monday we become doggy owners again!  Yep!  :) Do you remember the puppy in need of a family that could give him lots of love and attention…and most importantly fresh air and exercise?  I shared the story HERE.  Well he’s coming our way on Monday.  Fingers crossed we can make him super happy and that he and Sophie become bestest cousins. :)

So back to the magical textures.  Check out the before image above.  I converted it to black and white and then proceeded to add a layer of both of today’s textures.  Here’s the top secret part… I changed the blending mode to SCREEN.  I then removed a bit of the texture from Sophie’s sweet face.  Can you see the magical effect they have created?  I mean, don’t ya love it? 

I dare you to play with this technique my friends… It will work on all kinds of images…both black & white and colour.  I’d love to see your results!!  And perhaps I can feature some here or at the soon to be opening...TEST KITCHEN’.  I have a Flickr pool you can post your images in.  If you do share an image or 2 or 3 with today’s textures, please note it in your description.  I’d LOVE to see!

magic sept 24sample image

Before I sign off….  the response to the TEST KITCHEN and the PHOTOSHOP COOKBOOK has been MIND BLOWING!!  I have no words to express my gratitude.  I am sooo very appreciative of your support!  Thank you, thank you!!

Texture Lovin’ Listers…. I have sent you the link to download today’s ‘MAGIC’ textures.  If you are not on my list and you would like to start receiving my freebies, you can sign up HERE.  Once you sign up, I will ZAP you today’s textures.  And each Friday you will receive a new one (or 2 or 3)…

I’m off to the trail with Sophie.  It’s finally warm today.  And I can’t wait to soak up the sun.

Happiest weekend.. xxo,



Photoshop ~ Extreme Grunge Texture Tutorial - the Prairie eDition

Hey there, my sweet friends.  Friday has arrived!!  And can I just say that this has been a pretty wonderful week?

How was your week?  I hope you found some simple blessings in each day. After all, I think it's the simple things that give us the greatest joy!

My week began with a Sunday evening drive around our beautiful prairies with my husband.
It was the first drive we have taken without Andy.  I just couldn't bring myself to go without my sweet navigator.... But I took a deep breath and off we went.
I have to say it was really hard.  It's honestly like a part of me was/is missing. 
Andy loved our photo excursions so much!  Because Andy insisted on being up close and personal I would give him the front seat.  John would drive, Andy was the navigator and I sat in the back with my camera gear.
I know it may sound crazy, but he was such a gift in my life.  The front seat made him happy.... so it made me happy to sit in the back and see 2 of my favorite fellas steering the ship.

Love to you Andy boy.... miss you so much.....


Today I thought I would share a little textured eDition of our beautiful prairies.

And it's Friday!!  So list members, you know what that means...
a freebie texture is coming to your inbox in just a few.
If you aren't on my texture lovin' list, you can sign up here
Once you sign up, I will zap you today's texture right away.

It's also Day 5 of the Recipe Sharing week.
I thought I'd end our week with an extreme grunge textured eDition.

Before I share my recipe, check out today's texture.

I call it 'EXTREME GRUNGE'.... :)

Here's another little piece of the prairies.  An old grain elevator in a tiny town not too far from us.  If you look close you can see the town name, Bradwardine, on the elevator.
Now for the recipe.
I applied the same steps to both of these images. 
Oh and I must tell you, it was a little too bright at the time I took these pics...and I was having a heck of time reading my camera settings because of that...
So the results were some not soooo great images.
Thank goodness for the magic of photoshop!
Let's get started.
Day 5 Extreme Texture Tutorial
Layer 1
Duplicated the background layer and changed the blending mode to soft light 100% opacity.  This can be a wondrous first step in boosting your photos.  And it's super simple!!
Layer 2
To boost the fabulous red in the barn and the elevator I added a hue/saturation adjustment layer and bumped up the saturation to +14.  I didn't have to remove any of the adjustment.  It seem to give the images an all around boost.  Of course you can always utilitze the layer mask and remove it from areas of the photo that may be over saturated.
Layer 3
I wanted to warm up the grass and give it a slightly golden hue.  So I applied a color balance adjustment layer and adjusted settings to 0, -59 and 0.  I then used a black soft round brush set to 65% opacity and removed the adjustment from the barn.
Layers 4 & 5
Time for the texture I so lovingly call 'extreme'.  I set the blending mode to Multiply and adjusted the opacity to 72%.  I removed a bit of the texture from the barn using a layer mask.  In Elements you would use your eraser tool.
I then duplicated the texture layer and changed the blending mode to soft light at 50% opacity.
And that my friends is that! 
Be sure to mouse over to see the before image.  It's quite the transformation. 
Thanks so much for all the sweet comments and recipe enthusiasm!
I have some fab news to share next week. I think the recipe lovers are going to be quite excited!

Oh, did you have a chance to comment on yesterday's posting
I'm giving away The inspiration Stay-cation eBook to 3 lucky commenters. 
Check it out.  The eBook is packed full of juicy creative inspiration!
Before I sign off, I have to tell you a fabulous tidbit from my week.
I'm a new contributor to the fantastic eZine, The Daily Brainstorm!! 
I fell in love with the site a few weeks ago!  In fact it's been my home page since the day I stumbled upon it.  They share the best of the best stuff online.  Anyhow, I'm humbled to have the café featured in this amazing publication.  And I'm over the moon excited to say my first two postings have been featured on the front page!  wooot, woooot!  :)  Thanks you Daily Brainstorm!! You are AWESOME.
If you have a minute, pop over and check it out.  It's full of GOOD stuff!
Talk soon my friends... xxo,

p.s. If you found this post helpful, please consider sharing via facebook or twitter using the buttons below.


'she loves you' - friday's texture

oh my sweet daisies... how i love you.....

today's texture is once again beatles inspired ....  she loves you...yeah, yeah, yeah....
it's pretty grungy and fun to use....

i added today's texture in 3 layers.... one set at color burn, the other at multiply and a final layer at soft light.
i adjusted the opacity on each layer til i was happy with the results.

'she loves you' texture 

i used tuesday's antiques texture for the base and then layered it with a second painted texture.... 
there are some sweet details hiding if you look real close.

i had fun photographing my lonely daisy and the eyechart art that was featured during stay-cation.

here's a few more images.....
LOVE daisies....  :)

i can't wait to see what you all do with this one.  List members.... i will be zapping the link out in just a few....

if you wanna get in on the freebie friday's.... you can sign up for the list HERE.
i will zap you the download link, right away....

i have some exciting stuff to share next week... CAN'T wait....


p.s. the stay-cation site is now the inspiration-studio.  please come on over and check it out if you have a few minutes...

have a fabulous weekend.....


Free Friday & a Membership Club

hey there,

happy friday my friends.

so i let the BEATLES inspire me for today's texture.

a tribute to the song, 'all my loving'
look close and you may see the words stamped into the background of
today's freebie texture.

pretty cool, right?
i used it on the above image... i'm thrilled with the results.

if you are on my list... the download link is on its way.

if you haven't joined  my texture lovin' list you can do so here.

this will get you started on the weekly freebie texture.
(starting with today's)
 along with the updates from the café.

wanna see what textures you have missed?
click HERE to check them out.

What's new?
you ask...
oh my, let me tell you...

The weekly eDition 2 for Texture Club
don't miss the 2 for deals again...sign up for the club.

click HERE for all the details.

The Inspired Studio is now Open.
Caroline from Constantly Evolving is sharing today...
and she has a challenge for you!
happiest friday, my friends...

Saturday Morning Update:
i saw this image by Hilde on flickr last night, and fell in love...

thank you Hilde for letting me share it at the café.

close your eyes...