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the stockings are hung, the tree is up…


and the shopping is…

not done… barely started actually.  oops…

but tomorrow is a new day, and i have big plans for sweeping the stores, BRIGHT & EARLY.  :) how bout you?  are you done, almost done, barely?  it’s interesting how many different stages people are at.  but, in the end it all gets done,  and what doesn’t, really isn’t as important as we thought.  it’s so hard to keep it all in perspective. 

it’s so not about the shopping, the big gifts and the fancy decorations.   we all know that… but it’s difficult not to get “wrapped” up in it all.  this year i have been staying out of the stores.  that might be part of the reason i haven’t caught the frenzied bug.  perhaps, tomorrow i will feel differently.  but i’m going to head in there with a happy, free-spirited attitude.  wish me well… 

tonight i am sitting here, with my laptop, doing a little work, beside the glow of the tree lights.  yep, i am in the chair, you see in the photo.  all the other lights are out, except the mini lights on the tree and over the mantle.  it’s purely peaceful.  hmmm, i should light a few candles too!  :)

check back later tonight, i have a little give away announcement to share.

xxo, kim

p.s. click HERE to see a “full-length” version of our tree.


oh so prim

hi there,

i just wanted to pop in and share my oh so prim, homespun, skinny stockings……  i thought you all may appreciate them. :) 

click HERE for a little more about these lovelies…. 

skinnystockings copy

see you soon…..xxo, kim


a daily pic…

i absolutely love Vincent Van Gough’s quote “i dream my painting, then i paint my dream”.  and after uploading this image of my friends, “the brushes”, i thought it would be the perfect compliment.  there’s something magical about art supplies to me. maybe,  it’s the fact that they are the beginning of oh so many beautiful possibilities.  :)

i dreamflat copy

if you would like to share this image with a friend, check out my newest feature “a daily pic”.

remember each day is a new canvas to paint upon. 

i hope your find a moment to dream “your painting” today. 

xxo, kim


oh so SWEET….. just in time…

happy december my friends.  i hope this note finds you well. i’ve been busy, busy here in the studio and i have lots to share in the upcoming days and weeks. i’m so excited! 

i wanted to offer a few new printables before the holidays.  and i came up with these oh so sweet country christmas cards for you.  check them out! 


card front

i LOVE square cards.  i mean LOVE them.  so i thought i would deSign a few printable square cards for me and for you.  the background is a tea stained paper, accented with rusty embellishments and sweet messages for the holidays.  there are 2 deSigns to chose from and they are available NOW in my ETSY shop.

happyholidaysfrontforwebcard front

upon order you will receive a high quality pdf, to download, and print.  the card measures 5” square after folding. 



this final image shows the “believe” card in a square frame that i picked up from Michaels with my 40% off coupon.  wow, i just love this image framed. 


 card framed

okay, so if you wanna check these out… please pop on over to my etsy shop to place an order.  

see you soon with more exciting offerings…  xxo, kim

p.s. 5.5” square envelopes work perfect for these cards.  you can find them online quite easily.  i also found some at my local copy center. :) 


day 30…and that’s a wrap!

happy thanksgiving to my american friends… i hope you enjoyed a most joy filled day… full of love, hope and gratitude. 

here is my final “daily” deSign.  it’s a photo of the prairie grass growing right out behind our house.  it’s  mixed with textures….and i think it qualifies as a daily deSign. 

wildgrass copy


i didn’t quite manage to pull off a daily painting.  and i really slacked off about day 20. :) however, i’m happy i committed to the challenge, and did the best i could.  i just recently received a large request from my publisher, so if all goes as planned i will be creating 2 paintings a day for the next week or 2.  i am not complaining… not at all

i’ve also been cooking up something fun and exciting.  i hope to share it here soon.  stay tune… 

time for bed, i think…  thanks for stopping by… xxo, kim


day 29 has almost come and gone.

my dear blogging friends,

it’s friday, already!  and it’s november 20th.  my oh my the time is slipping away so quickly.  i wish this one armed clock could stop the time for just a little while… slow things down.  ya know?  but i suppose that only happens in the movies.  sigh….

ticktockgoestheclock copy

i was sure that i would have 2 designs for you today.  but i’m afraid, i only have one.  on the up side… my house is looking pretty darn sparkly.  so it was worth the time away from the studio.  nothing like a clean house to make a girl smile!  perhaps tomorrow will allow me a little more time to create. 

anyhow, here is day 29.  i wish i was half as cool as this girl.  lately i’ve been living in sweats and hoodies.  i haven’t worn make up more than once a week for months. yikes… (not that i wear much on the best of days… haha)

i was trying to think of name for this cool cat… and izzy came to mind.  whatchya think? 

blackshirtandjeansfashion copy

thanks for stopping by…have a great weekend!  xxo, kim


oh dear, it’s almost tomorrow…. already?

i spent far too much time in the sun today.  but gosh it was so beautiful again! the sun was shining, the air was fresh and clean… 

benchsepia copy 

and sophie was having so much fun.  it turns out she loves the camera.  :) isn’t she soo gosh darn cute? 

sophiesoft copy 

i did work on another my girl sketch, but i ran out of time.  so i hope to post it and maybe one more tomorrow. 

please come on back …  thanks for stopping by… xxo, kim

p.s. i added a few coffee prints to my etsy shop. :)

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