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Entries in kim klassen (59)


day 14 ~ christmas

good morning,

today i am working on Christmas card deSigns.  here is one of several i created.   i’m hoping they will be available  soon….stay tuned.


i hoped to have a little studio update this morning, but my time is running short.  sigh.  hopefully tomorrow.  '

wishing you a sweet and productive day…  see you soon….xoxo kim


day 13 deSign

happy monday!  i hope you enjoyed your weekend. 

today was spent catching up on the admin side of things and painting a sign for my sister in laws birthday gift.  so here you have my day 13 painting.


 the brays – darren, tara, jena jeremy


see you soon with some studio updates and of course more daily deSigns. thanks for popping in….

xoxo, kim


day 12 painting


let the beauty of what you love be what you do ~ Rumi 

hello my friends, i am  just popping in on this most gorgeous afternoon to share my newest creation.

so obviously you know i love this rumi quote.  right?  :)  i just had to paint it one more time with a twist.  this is a large canvas layered with paint, paper, textures and inks.


thanks for looking….  til next time….kim


let the beauty…. day 11



i frantically tried to finish this baby before it was too dark to take a pic.  i have a little scuffing of the edges left to do…  but i absolutely love this Rumi quote and i knew it had to be a sign.  special thanks to prairie girl for your help with this… and a huge thank you to Valerie who posted the quote on creative thursday’s in the fish bowl eCourse.

happy friday!  i may just take a day off tomorrow and maybe even sunday.  i haven’t decided.  weekends are kind of funny. … some are more productive than others. 

thanks for peeking at my daily deSigns…  have a wonderful weekend.

see you soon….kim


inspired 365 – day 10


hi all….. okay, i admit there are days when i am not completely inspired….and days that i am barely inspired….and days that i am not inspired at all….  but inspired 365, 24/7~ wow~that’d be pretty awesome.  or would it? :)  i mean, yeesh some days i am so inspired, i feel like my head might just spin right off. 

how bout you?  :) 

here’s to inspiration…  xo xo kim




kindness 365 ~ daily deSign #9

hi there,

i am popping in before i head out into the snow with andy.  yes, i said snow…and LOTS of it… sticky, wet, slushy snow is here.  but according to mr. weatherman, it’s not here to stay…not quite yet, anyway.  :)  phew……

so, here are some pics of my day#9 deSign.  it’s part of a new collection i like to call “urban grunge”. 

thanks again for peeking.

big thanks, too,  for the lovely comments and emails of encouragement.  this has been an amazing journey so far!  see you soon, kim





daily deSign #8

popping in quick with #8.  i went ahead and did a companion for the perfect coffee design i painted saturday.  here they are together. 


til next time, kim