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The Essentials eCourse

An introductory Photoshop & Photoshop Elements eCourse

Registration is closed.

The next session will open in August. Check back for more info.

(Lessons will be taught in Elements 9 and CS5. Earlier version users welcome. Recommended software - Elements 7 - 10 or CS3 - CS5)

 Okay my friend....

  • Are you ready to get your head around photoshop? 
  • Do you want to share prettier pictures with your family and friends, or perhaps on your blog?
  • Did you purchase Photoshop or Elements, hoping to make beautiful pictures, only to discover you have no idea how it works?
  • Maybe you're like me….I had Photoshop for over 2 years. And honestly, just the thought of trying to figure it out, made me feel ill. Not to mention the guilt…. I spent $600 on a program that I couldn't do a thing with!
  • Maybe you have taken a photoshop class at your local college and feel no further ahead.
  • Perhaps your eyes gloss over when someone starts talking techie? Or you feel like covering your ears, and shouting  'Please STOP talking and just show me how!'

You are not alone! Photoshop is not an easy program to understand!
But I promise you can learn how to use it and LOVE it.

In this class I skip all the techy babble and get right down to business showing you what to do and how to do it.

I've done my BEST to take the scary out of photoshop. 

Photoshop and Photoshop Elements are vast programs! Full to the brim with possibilities. And there are often 6 different ways to do the same thing. This can be super confusing!

In this class I break the lessons down, walking you through the process, one step at a time. 

I teach the lessons in Elements 9 and Photoshop cs5.

Here's what people are saying about my classes.

What a great class.  A must do for all beginners.  Kim starts you out with the very basics and leads you simply through them so you understand not only what to use, but how to use it to get the effects you want on your image.  I debated taking this class, since I'm not a beginner, but I quickly found I learned lots of things I didn't know, especially shortcuts to make the work go quicker.  I also learned how to use tools I'd avoided, simply because I didn't know what they did or how to use them.   ~ Glory


I just wanted to say a big thank you for guiding me through the essentials of photoshop.  I have really enjoyed learning with you. You have a nice voice ...which is a great start:-) ...and your relaxed informal explanations that accompany the videos make them a joy to follow!

Keeping the videos short and in 'bite sized chunks' works really really well... one bit at a time...and it also makes it very easy to go back and check things out.  I am also amazed that every time I do go back and take another look some new snippet leaps out at me!  All great!! I know I have learnt a huge amount, and am looking forward to getting more comfortable with it all and assimilating it properly over the next few weeks...months...years...:-)

How exciting is that! ~ Debs


I want to thank you for a fabulous course.  I'm recovering from a concussion/brain injury and I decided to take this course to force myself to use and hopefully strengthen my cognitive skills. The video format and your clear step-by-step instruction has been amazing.  I've been able to pause the video and do each step before watching the next step, allowing me to work at my own pace and review sections or complete videos as needed.  You've made something that seemed totally overwhelming fun and achievable! ~ Linda K


The Essential class was FABULOUS!  I learned so much my head is bursting!  Absolutely worth every penny and so glad I could also purchase permanent access.  Your teaching style is warm and real, it's like you are sitting right here at my computer with me.  ~ Linda 

The Essentials eCourse offers:

  • 4 weeks of video lessons, posted twice weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays. Plus an additional 2 weeks to access the material and ask questions.
  • Step by Step lessons via Screencast Tutorials taught in both Elements 9 and CS5.
  • Downloadable class overview pdf.
  • Open classroom 24/7. I will be here, waiting for you to hit play whenever you can pop into the classroom. Come in your pj' need to get dressed up or put on your make up. 
  • Access to myself via private forum. Post your questions and I will answer super quick.
  • Connect with students from around the world, in the forum and share your images with one another in the Flickr Group.
  • Class lesson material, including sample images and high res textures to play with.

Lesson Material Breakdown

Week 1  

  • Photoshop Learning Techniques
  • Program Introduction
  • Workspace Overview
  • Set Up and Preferences
  • Tool Panel Overview
  • Image Size Assessment
  • Image Cropping
  • Layers Panel Overview
  • Adjustment Layers Overview
  • Reading the Histogram
  • Bonus Challenge
  • Image Sizing (including save for web and print info)
  • Adjustment Layers in Deeper
  • Beautiful Blending Modes

Week 2  

  • The History Panel (CS) & Undo History (Elements)
  • Selections Tools 
  • Using typography to enhance your photos
  • Image Touch up - general image touch ups and blemish touch ups
  • Spot healing, Healing Brush Tool and Clone Stamp
  • Content Aware Features
  • Image Reproduction Challenge 

Week 3

  • Noise Reduction
  • Image Sharpening
  • Selective Sharpening Techniques
  • skin smoothing, Teeth Whitening, Eye Brightening
  • Black & White Conversion Options
  • Adding Texture
  • Selective Color
  • Adding a Vignette
  • Masking in Deeper
  • Masking Selections
  • Start to Finish Editing
  • Artistic Filters
  • Using Actions

Week 4  (Bonus Week)

  • Diptych techniques
  • Overview of the Camera Raw Software that is included with Elements and CS
  • Drop Shadow Tips
  • Rounded Corners
  • Artistic Filters
  • Using Actions
  • More Fabulous Processing Inspiration

Class Requirements:

  • Student must have Photoshop CS or Elements. If you are new to photoshop I recommend downloading the trial version of Elements 10. It is available from
  • The ability to open zip or compressed folders. (this will vary depening on your operating system)
  • A High-Speed internet connection in order to view the streaming videos.

Please note: If you are not sure you can devote enough time to the lessons, permanent access will be available for an additional $35.00 once class begins. The order option will be available inside the classroom. 

Click HERE to ask me any questions you may have.